Practicing yoga for pregnant women to relax pregnancy

Practicing yoga for pregnant women to relax pregnancy

Practicing yoga for pregnant women can improve the flexibility and flexibility of the entire muscle tissue, which can help reshape the body in seconds and postpartum.

But pregnant yoga is ordinary yoga. During pregnancy, expectant mothers have to choose yoga according to their pregnancy.

  In the first two months of pregnancy, general yoga moves can be tried carefully.

In late pregnancy, expectant mothers can only do some simple adjustments of breathing or lowering movements.

  During this period, expectant mothers should never try backward bending movements, abdominal movements, deep twisting movements and handstand movements.

  In the second and third trimester, expectant mothers can try the following actions.

  Sit with a pair of feet and sit cross-legged; spine straight up and abdomen; hands and palms down on both knees, shoulders, elbows relax; eliminate the thoughts in the brain, close your eyes and observe normal breathing.

  Action two place two yoga bricks horizontally on the floor and place a thick mat on top.

Sitting with your legs bent on the ground, your body leaned down slightly against the cushion. The palms of your hands were naturally placed on the sides of your body with your palms closed together.

  Action Three: Keep your body in action two, keep your legs extended and bent, and your toes should be straight, with your heels resting on the outside of your legs, and then feel the muscles and ligaments in your legs stretch.

  Move your four legs straight forward and relax. Open your feet at a natural comfortable angle. Spread them out on the ground in a large shape to maintain natural breathing.