Every day, I insist on the tips of the toes. It is amazing to recommend three kinds of tips exercise methods.

Every day, I insist on the tips of the toes. It is amazing to recommend three kinds of “tips” exercise methods.

The tip of the toes allows the blood to supply enough oxygen to the heart muscle, which is beneficial to the human heart, cardiovascular health, and prevents varicose veins.

Most importantly, it avoids contractions of injury, which is a good exercise for older people who are not very good knees.

Is it true that toes on the toes are true?

Experts said: When we walk on tiptoes, it is the forefoot force, the forefoot, the big toenail is supporting.

There are three meridians through the forefoot and the big toenail. They are the foot Shaoyin kidney, the foot yin and the liver, and the foot yin and spleen.

Therefore, walking on the foot can massage the three yin yin, you can move up the sputum, through the foot Shaoyin kidney to warm the kidney, long tube and improve the role of kidney function.

Of course, the difficulty of walking on tiptoes is no less than dancing ballet, and it will be very tired when you first start, and the whole body is very nervous, but you must stick to it if you want to achieve fitness.

Get up and walk for half an hour every day, it is best to take more than 50 steps after dinner. You can stop and go in the middle, and rest when you are tired.

In short, the goal of stimulating acupuncture points is fine.

When you lift your toes, the amount of blood squeezed by each of the back muscles of the lower leg will make the blood flow back smoothly.

Moreover, the lame movement can also move the limbs and the mind, eliminating the long-term use of brain concentration and sedentary sudden and sudden black eyes, dizzy head problems, but also conducive to the calf bodybuilding.

But to remind everyone that walking on the toes is more demanding for the coordination of the whole body, high blood pressure, osteoporosis of middle-aged and old friends, or not to trade, try to avoid accidental injuries.

Recommend three “tips” exercise methods, walking every 30 feet on the toes.
Take 50 steps, take a short break, and then repeat the groups according to your physical condition.

The speed is self-adjusting, making it feel comfortable and relaxing.

The initial practitioner can hold the wall and no need to repeat the foreign objects after the proficiency.

At the same time, walking with the heel can train the extensor muscle on the anterior side of the calf, and walk a hundred steps to clear the three yang.

Alternate movement of the toes and heels can eliminate the disease and strengthen the body.

Older people should pay attention to safety so as not to fall beforehand.

People who have had more severe osteoporosis are better off.

2, sitting on the tip of the toes and level with the thighs, you can put two mineral spring water bottles on the thighs, carry out weight-bearing exercises, each time 踮 30?
50 times, the speed is self-regulating.

3, lying on the hook and tip of the bed, rest, legs and legs straight, put the toes one by one, you can do both feet, you can also practice one foot.

If you feel the calf is not comfortable, stop and rest.

Do 20 each time?
30 times, the speed is self-adjusting.

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