Calculate how much you eat each day.

Calculate how much you eat each day.

At the moment, there are more and more fat people, and too much is not only a problem of body shape, it also opens the door for the invasion of certain “modern civilization diseases” such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and liver.

  Japanese famous dietitian Makino Naoko is involved in the crowd to count how many calories to replace three meals a day, to see if over-standard is a good way to control obesity.

  However, this calculation should be rough and not too precise.

Because it is too precise, it is difficult to maintain, and it may cause malnutrition, but it will affect health.

  Generally, meat, fish, eggs, etc., which are held up by palms, have a calorific value of about 800 kcal.

  Ten strawberries, one orange, two kiwis, or one apple, the calorific value is about 80 kcal.

  Fried steak, egg fried rice, crispy crepes, curry fried rice, etc. about 600-700 kcal.

  A small bowl of rice, a loaf of bread, and two custard rolls, each with a volume of about 160 kcal.

  The value of vegetables is extremely low and can be ignored.

  The normal calorie intake is about 40 kcal per kilogram of body weight.

If your weight is 50 kg, the total cumulative replacement for a day should not exceed 2000 kcal. You do not hinder to follow the above methods to gradually find out the calorific value of your three meals, more or less, increase your calorific value.Keep the amount of intake and calorie value in balance, and you will not gain weight, not malnutrition, and moderate weight, thus greatly reducing the chance of illness.