Depression becomes epidemic for women

Depression becomes “epidemic” for women

Some people say that depression is now an epidemic.
The survey revealed that new members were added to these people: seemingly energetic young women and stress-free housewives.
Most women believe that the best way to deal with depression is to shop, eat, and even sing karaoke.
Bring maximum spiritual comfort by venting outwards and supplying inwards.
However, does this method really work?
  Young women join the army of depression. Young women and housewives look youthful, carefree, and seem to be the least depressed people in their eyes.
However, the actual situation is that young women have just entered the society, their incomes are low, but their expectations are high. They weave their dreams, but the gap between reality and ideal can easily lead to psychological frustration.
Secondly, work pressure is high.
Competition is fierce nowadays. Women are harder than men in the process of job search and employment. Therefore, they need to work harder at work. In the change of the physiological cycle, they also have negative depression.
  When it comes to housewives, they are not as light as ordinary people think.
Busy chores, narrow social circles, and gaps in thoughts when communicating with her husband can easily cause some people to have depression.
  Shopping and overeating are negative escapes. Some people say that when women are depressed, they like to go shopping crazy.
When Miss Chang is emotionally frustrated, she likes to pull her friends to buy things, spend a lot of money, and take things back in big bags, it seems very fulfilling.
But afterwards, Ms. Chang always complained, “Expensive shoes and perfumes are more and more disliked now, why are they so impulsive at that time!
“Not only did shopping make me shy, but the things I bought back were finally given away, which is really a waste.
Miss Tian is not the same as Miss Chang. She doesn’t buy anything, but she can eat especially when she is in a bad mood. The amount of meal is two or three times as usual. Strangers are often taken aback when they see it.
As a consequence of this venting depression, health conditions are greatly affected.
  Shopping sprees and overeating are just a negative way to escape and cannot solve the problem from the root.
Depression is divided into psychological depression and physical depression.
Patients with physical depression should go to the hospital for treatment in time.
For psychological depression, the root cause of depression must be found, such as excessive stress, emotional frustration, and severe blows.
Inappropriate depression relief can actually worsen symptoms.
Young women have low incomes, and if they are unemployed, they will have a greater pressure on their lives. They are hungry for a happy emotional life and a comfortable family atmosphere.
Their psychological loneliness cannot be resolved momentarily.
  Women are most afraid of loneliness. Director Song Yumei of Beijing Yangguang Huaren Psychological Counseling Office said that the symptoms of depression are mainly due to fear, and these people are more likely to pay attention to themselves first.
Some young women are easy to compare, are sensitive and introverted, feel inferior to others, and are unwilling to communicate with fewer friends.
Once the work is unsatisfactory, the relationship is not good, and there is no way to better vent, and problems are easy to occur.
  Some housewives do have depression, monotonous chores, lack of sense of accomplishment, and slowly become introverted and unwilling to communicate.
Some intellectual women have to return to the family for the sake of their husbands and children. Over time, they are depressed and unable to extricate themselves.
  Finally, Director Song said that when female friends are in a depression state, they can get the understanding and guidance of their family members in time, and they can recover soon.Contact with friends and actively face life, such as participating in activities such as mountain climbing, playing cards, singing or outings. Don’t stay alone and don’t think about it.