Behind the slight genital itching, often hides the big secret!

Behind the slight genital itching, often hides the big secret!

During the rainy season, when the mold is multiplied, the woman’s private parts will suffer from itching, parasites and other crises!

However, behind the slight genital itching, often hides the big secret!

The secret behind the genital itching 1 suggests that the underwear is contaminated and replaced with dry underwear. After pushing, the private parts will suffer inexplicably.

At this time, you have to pay attention, the successive rainy days, the underwear is not dry for a long time, may have been surrounded by mold!

This situation is easy to detect, you only need to routinely disinfect the underwear.

2, may be an allergic reaction according to the degree of allergies, may have varying degrees of itching.

Hygiene products are unqualified, contaminated by bacteria, or added with fluorescent agents, fluff pulp, etc., which may cause sensitive substances in the private parts, causing sensitive reactions.

If itching after sexual life, be alert to semen allergy, or sensitive to silicone oil on the condom.

Once you find that the hygienic products used are insufficient, be sure to replace them in time and carefully select them!

3, suggesting skin diseases Eczema and dermatitis are common vulvar skin diseases.

In addition, haze and spreading diseases are also factors that cannot be ignored.

In addition to often want to scratch, there may be changes in leukoplakia, acne, broken skin and so on.

It is necessary to use drugs for treatment.

4, vaginitis toilet paper is not used properly, sanitary napkins do not change for a long time, the wrong direction of wiping after toilet and other factors, will cause vaginitis.

Excessive inflammatory secretion contains a large number of pathogenic bacteria, as well as various toxins produced by the bacteria.

These things are absorbed from the vaginal opening, which will stimulate the vulva and cause itching of the vulva!

The best solution is to help the vaginal reconstruction of the flora balance environment, drive away the inflammatory pathogens, and restore the normal state of the vagina!

5, gynecological cancer, the cervix is a “dumb organ”, even if it is suffering from cervical cancer, there will be no pain in the early stage.

The polymer grows on the cervix and produces a large amount of secretions that will constantly stimulate the vulva and cause itching of the vulva.

Other gynecological cancers, including ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer, etc., are only very mild in the early stage, some menstrual cycle changes, genital itching and so on.

Tips: Many people think that itching is a small matter, and it will pass.

After reading it, will you think this is a trivial matter?

Forwarding out, any kind of performance in private parts has its meaning. Only by reading these “language”, women’s health can be guaranteed!