Eating onions can prevent rich disease

Eating onions can prevent “rich disease”

Onion is the protagonist of European and American dining table, known as “Queen of dishes”.
A famous French chef once said that without onions, cooking techniques disappeared.
There is an onion festival in Switzerland, worshipping onions, praying for happiness, and using onions as the embodiment of gods.
But onions are not a “darling” in China. They cut into tears and people inevitably whisper.
  In fact, the nutritional value of onions is rich. The medicine of the motherland believes that the onion is warm and spicy, which can be used to dissolve the table and spread the cold.
Can be used for exogenous wind and cold, body pain without sweating, fullness of food.
  It is recommended that the solution of cold-dispelling formula should be used for headache, nasal congestion, weight, aversion to cold, fever, and no sweat caused by exogenous wind cold.
500 ml of Coca-Cola, add 100 grams of shredded onion, 50 grams of ginger shredded, a small amount of brown sugar, boil over low heat for about 5 minutes, and drink hot.
  In addition, in recent years, it has been found that onions are very useful in preventing the so-called “rich disease”. Onions contain xanthobutyric acid, which enables cells to make better use of sugar and thus lower blood sugar.
Onions also contain prostaglandins, which can dilate blood vessels, reduce peripheral vascular resistance, promote the excretion of sodium, and lower the elevated blood pressure.
  Onion also contains diallyl sulfide, which can prevent blood vessel sclerosis and reduce blood lipids.
Can also be detected in onions containing quercetin-like substances, the glycosides formed under the induction of flavonoids have a diuretic and swelling effect. These are beneficial for the prevention of obesity, hyperlipidemia, arteriosclerosis and the dryness of onions.The wet detoxification function is consistent.
  It is recommended that the dampness and detoxification formula be used for bulimia, spleen and thick taste, spleen deficiency and dampness, hyperlipidemia, lower extremity edema, sputum and chest tightness.
Sorghum rice and raw indica rice are each 100 grams. Slowly cook the porridge after soaking in cold water for 4 hours. When the rice is rotten, cut 100 grams of pumpkin and diced onion into the porridge and cook until cooked, sweet and salty.
  However, it should be noted that onions are warm, and those who have a hot stomach should not eat more. Eating too much will cause flatulence.