Psychological analysis of lecherous men

Psychological analysis of lecherous men

Show your reasons.

For most men, no matter what level they stand on, they will show a part of themselves in front of women at different levels.

When our soldiers returned triumphantly, they were only greeted by old men and young men. Then, in the next triumph, they would rather have no one to greet them. It would be better to return to the camp or home and lie down.Sleeping in bed.

We often see scenes like this: Warriors who return after victory or get particularly high rewards, return with honor, and send flowers, usually young and beautiful girls.

We can see that the etiquette personnel of some large-scale events are mostly women, and there are most of the etiquette ladies, but we cannot see many etiquette boys.

The so-called heroes love beauty is based on this psychology.

  A break from the harbor of the soul.

Nowadays, many men are very tired.

For fame and fortune, some work hard, some day and night; some sweat like rain, some humble knees; some bleed, and they must always smile.

This physical exhaustion, coupled with psychological hardship, really makes many men tired.

Once they find a woman who agrees with them, these men will naturally drill into this gentle harbor, scrub the physical and psychological dust, take a short rest, and then run on the avenue of fame and fortune again.

Nowadays, many men do not get married, or repeatedly get married late, but they are not washed away from the water of women.

The proliferation of one-night stands and the enthusiasm of lovers have nothing to do with the need for men to take warm baths with women.

  Grafting of Oedipus plot.

Everyone in the world has an Oedipus complex.

It’s just that some people are particularly prominent, and some are more subtle and difficult to expose.

Some people stay away from their parents and cannot express immediately.

An important manifestation of a man’s oedipal complex is his attachment to a woman.

Before Napoleon was studying at a military academy before getting married, he came home because of being bullied, and fell into a cry in his mother’s arms.

He later became a general, and every time he returned from the battle, he had to drill into Josephine’s small nest full of tenderness and love, and talk about his own hardships. Of course, they could not completely wipe out the love between them.

Some women are joking and compare their men to their sons. This is similar to Napoleon’s attachment to Josephine.

  Explore passionate dreams.

The passion between men and women, in addition to bringing physiological pleasure to men and women, will also bring unlimited creativity in thinking activities.

The famous French writer Balzac, although he got married very late, but he has a lover’s love with many women, it is the passion inspired between him and these women that prompted him to write the world-famous masterpieces.

We see a lot of painters, historical celebrities standing on the highest stage, and their brilliant achievements all contain the creativity emanating from the passion between them and women.

A friend once said that the image of a poor life in a man’s heart needs to be replaced with a rich, sweet and numerous mental experience.

The role of passion is so.

  Find your true self.

In the era of fake children flooding the world, many men are repeating a fake mask, which is a ghost during the day and a person at night.

Many people have become more and more severe due to the pressure of life, and even have to be hospitalized.

Some people can write poems and articles, and after reading the story, they read aloud, publish it on the Internet, and publish it in newspapers and magazines, so as to express their inner depression.

Some people, despite their brilliant achievements, have suffered serious injuries to their minds due to fake dramas in reality, and women who are in love are just the panacea for healing.

In the sanitarium of women, this man can shake off any camouflage he puts on his body, and expose a real self, soothing and admiring women, so as to heal the bruises on the heart.