Wu Zetian and Cordyceps Duck

Wu Zetian and Cordyceps Duck

Wu Zetian was sick and sick in his later years.
Coughing is not only a little cold, the condition is aggravated, especially in winter, I dare not go out of the palace easily.

In order to treat her disease, Taiyuan used all the valuable drugs, but it did not show much effect.

  The chef of the Imperial Restaurant followed Wu Zetian for many years. Seeing that she did not think about eating and eating, her body was weak, and she tried to make the food delicious and nutritious.

He remembers that the old people in his hometown often use the “winter Cordyceps” stewed chicken to nourish the body, and they want to give Wu Zetian a try.

However, the chicken is a hair, which may cause the old disease to recur. He fears that Wu Zetian’s disease is not good, so he replaces it with a duck.

  After the duck was stewed, Kang chef gave it to Wu Zetian for tasting.

Wu Zetian saw that there was something dark and insect-like in the soup. He was puzzled. He decided that Kang’s chef was going to harm her. He ordered him to be detained and sentenced to murder. Wu Zetian read that he had no fault before.Ask, and hit it into the prison.

  Li Chef and Kang Chef of the Imperial Restaurant are fellow friends and very sympathetic to the unfortunate experience of Kang Chef.

He thought that only by using Cordyceps sinensis to cure Wu Zetian’s disease, can Kang Kang cook be innocent, otherwise he would not escape bad luck.

  One day, Chef Li pulled the hair of the duck.
While pondering how to use the Cordyceps to stew the ducks, the ducks are nutritious and can’t see the dark things.

He thought about it and finally came up with a good idea.

He opened the duck’s mouth and stuffed some Cordyceps into it. After that, he put it in the pot and stewed it.

This dish is called “Chongcao Whole Duck”.

  Wu Zetian felt that the ducks were doing very well, tender and delicious, and they would eat once every three or two days.

After more than a month, Wu Zetian’s temperament improved, no longer coughing, and the court was happy for her health.

One day, Wu Zetian was in a good mood and invited to supervise the censor to eat.

Chef Li put on the “Chongcao Duck”, Wu Zetian said: “My body recovered very well and benefited from this dish.

“Monitoring the censorship and picking up a chopstick and taste it, it really tastes great!”

  During the meeting, Wu Zetian asked how to supervise the censorship of Kang’s chef. At this time, Li’s chef rushed to say a few words: “In the duck soup of Kang’s chef, the dark thing is ‘Winter Cordyceps’.

‘Winter Cordyceps sinensis’ is warm and sweet. It has the functions of nourishing the lungs and tonifying the kidneys, attending the labor, coughing, blood stasis, asthma, and low back pain.

Kang’s cook did this to give the emperor a make-up.”
Li’s appearance made the statement that the whole process of making the “Chongcao Duck” was originally expressed to Wu Zetian and the surveillance censor, and then from the duck’s mouth.I took out the dark things.
  Wu Zetian pondered for a long time, and slowly said: “It seems that I am wrong.

“Then the scorpion immediately released the chef Kang.”

Women want to hide some sexual secrets in their lives?

Women want to hide some sexual secrets in their lives?

There are always many secrets hidden in a woman’s inner world, and even her husband, who is accompanied by the night and evening, can hardly fully open the window of her heart.

Especially on sexual issues.

Recently, American sexology experts discovered 5 common sexual secrets of women after investigation and research.

  Secret one: like to have sex during menstruation.

  Due to the effects of hormones, female sexual desire increases during menstruation.

At this time sex must first keep the body clean and prepare some additives.

To prevent a mess, you should also put some towels under you.

Of course, experts do not recommend having sex during menstruation, it is better to change the way to meet the needs of women, such as fully caressing, kissing.

  Secret 2: Don’t like the “sex marathon”.

  Women want a lover, not a sex machine.

So don’t try to use the length of sex to prove how much you love her.

  Secret three: I hate entering with fingers.

  When caressing her with your fingers, you should focus on the vaginal opening, where the nerve endings are richer than the inside; you can also touch the side of the vagina or the clitoris, which is only a sensitive point for women.

But don’t put your fingers into the vagina, this is one of the most hated sex techniques for women.

  Secret 4: I like new tricks.

  Every woman longs for her lover to change things from time to time, but they are ashamed to say.

The husband does not prevent the wife from encouraging her to write down the type of sexual desire she desires, and then the two parties explore the feasibility and try it after reaching a consensus.

It should be reminded that things like bundling, role-playing, etc. are simple and easy-to-use “little tricks” and have little effect on each other, so don’t be too nervous about them.

  Secret 5: “Sexful” in the early morning.

  Many women like to take a shower before getting up, and men should keep this in mind and take the initiative.

In addition, prepare insurance measures such as high blood pressure and condoms first, this will not only save time, but also make her think you are intimate and careful.

I can’t swallow anything

I can’t swallow anything

The “Meiheqi” certificate has something to do with the stagnation of seven emotions and the disadvantage of Qi, especially in women.

  Ding Ling . The rushing ringtone broke the silence of the night. At 10 o’clock in the evening, who else would call?

Dr. Wu picked up the phone to answer. It turned out that it was an old friend who hadn’t seen each other for more than a year, a very famous singer Ms. Lin called.

  Ms. Lin complained that there were many performances a few times ago, and she was bombarded repeatedly, and she felt tired. The last performance happened when the weather suddenly became cold.I’m sick.

He was sore and had a headache. He had a high fever and chills that night, and his throat was like a tear.

Hurry to the hospital to see a doctor, injection and medication, and finally solved most of the problems, but I always feel that there is phlegm in the throat, swallow it, and spit it out, like a hard block stuck.

I ate several kinds of antibacterial drugs and proprietary Chinese medicines for clearing heat and detoxifying, including taking laryngeal tablets, at home, to no avail.

The symptoms seem to have worsened these days.

After a week there are important performance tasks, but the throat still looks like this, what can I do?

It ‘s not good to take so many medicines. Is it possible to get throat cancer?

Ms. Lin grew more and more afraid, so she called overnight to ask Dr. Hao for help.

  Dr. Wu asked Ms. Lin to come over immediately and examined her throat carefully. No abnormalities were found.

Based on the pathological changes of TCM, Ms. Lin’s resistance was reduced due to excessive use of excessive sound and excessive fatigue, which caused external evils to invade. She should not have eaten hot food on the same day, causing wind and fire to attack the throat.

Although promptly treated by the hospital, phlegm fever was not completely removed.

Chinese medicine believes that the liver is comfortable and malignantly depressed. If you worry too much, it can lead to liver dysregulation and depression. It will retrograde along the meridians and gather together with the evil of phlegm and heat in the throat, making the throat seem to be obstructed.Can’t swallow, can’t swallow it, and pass the change of emotions, changing from time to time.

This belongs to what is called “Meiheqi” in Chinese medicine.

  The “Meiheqi” certificate is related to the stagnation of seven emotions and unfavorable air conditioning, especially seen by women.

Volume III of “Chi Shui Black Pearl” of the Ming Dynasty first proposed the disease name of “Mei Nu Qi”: “. Mei Nu Qi, the larynx intermediary is like a stalk-like sputum, and the sputum clumps in the larynx.

I can’t swallow it.

“Ms. Lin’s pulse card is mainly phlegm, fire and depression.

For the prescription, Dr. Wu replaced Shugan Jieyu, qi stagnation, dispersing sputum and removing phlegm, and clearing the heat of Pinellia hunpu decoction, and even took it once a day for 7 days.

At the same time, Ms. Lin was asked to make lean broth with 25 grams of traditional Chinese medicine Achyranthes bidentata and 3 grams of Chenpi.

Take the same medicine for 7 days as adjuvant treatment.

Dr. Wu told her to eat less fried, spicy food and spicy food when she went back, and told her that the disease was not a big hindrance. She didn’t have to be too alarmed. She could relax, drink a glass of salt water every morning, and pay attention to exercise.

Three days later, Ms. Lin called Dr. Wu to tell her that her symptoms had alleviated a lot, but there was still a little phlegm.

After 7 days of follow-up, there were no major obstacles.

Spiritual beauty is tranquil

Spiritual beauty is tranquil

“Su Wen · Yin Yang Ying Xiang Da Lun” said: “There are four elements and five elements in the sky to grow and collect, to generate cold and heat, dry and humid wind; man has five internal organs and five qi, to produce joy, anger, sorrow and grief.

Therefore, angry and angry, cold and summer wounds, anger and yin, anger and yang.

“It also said:” Moments and anger, excessive cold and heat, life is not fixed.

“This shows that although a person’s emotional change is a normal emotional expression of the human body, it must also have a degree.

After that, it is easy to hurt the five internal organs and cause illness.

It is often common in life that some people ca n’t afford a disease due to extreme emotions. Therefore, Chinese medicine has the saying that “every sickness is born of qi”.”If you are angry, you will be upset when you are shocked, and you will be angry when you are thinking.”

  Anlai’s “Inquiry of the Ancients” on Inner Essence said, “Tian Xuan is empty, true spirit comes from it, mentally keeps it, and is it safe?”

“Nei Jing” said: “Tian Yu is the business and self-satisfaction.

This all means that if one can make full use of the benign emotions and mentality of joy, it will be very beneficial to the harmony of qi and blood, and it will be beneficial to health care and longevity.

The method is to have a peaceful mentality, learn to self-pleasure, self-consolation, and be good at actively discovering and finding the joy of life.

To be content, those who are content will always be happy, contented, and full of laughter.

“Smile with a smile, ten years less.” Laughing is indeed a good cure for the disease.

  In life, many people like to compare with others, we must know that “people are more deadly than popularity”.

Comparing comparisons will inevitably lead to endless troubles and annoyances, and it will inevitably lead to inability to eat, sleep and sleep. Over time, it will cause illness and entanglement. So, how about health and longevity?

Therefore, in the “Inner Canon”, it is said that “beautiful for its food, let it be served, be happy for its vulgarity, and not admire in its superiority, so its people say simplicity.”

  If you are satisfied, the “Tianyu Nihi” mentality mentioned in the “Inner Canon” is simple to say, but it is not so easy to do it.

Many people like to say “there are no hurdles” in their anger, but when they really encounter a specific thing, they never let it go.

Often for trivial matters, they turned upside down, and even “go west by crane”.

  On the contrary, the mother of Jia in “A Dream of Red Mansions” is not the same. She is a representative of a smart woman.

The reason why Jia mother was able to live up to 83 years old in the age of “70 years old and rare in the past” was that she was open-minded, open-minded, optimistic and cheerful.

Although she is old, she loves to watch dramas. She has an “old kid” character, and often guesses lantern riddles and fun with her children and grandchildren, and mingles with younger generations.

In today’s words, I can be a big friend for children.

She was kind and generous to the people around her, and she was deeply respected and respected by her younger generation.

Gu Yun’s “Benevolent Life”, “Happy Life”, “If things are always content and content, people can exalt themselves without asking for good.”

This is obviously in line with the viewpoints of “Tian Yu” and “Doing Nothing” in the Book of Internal Medicine.

A person’s life is “unsatisfactory and often matters.” If you can maintain an optimistic mood in adversity, maintain a calm and peaceful mentality, and “a small matter is a big thing, the past is over.” It will naturally be beneficial to human health.

  Nourishing qi and perfecting the good spiritual cultivation of my god is not inherent.

People’s spiritual and psychological cultivation must be experienced in meditation in order to be spiritually “internally guarded”.

“Su Wen · Ancient Innocence” cloud: “People who have real people in the ancient times, carry the heaven and earth, grasp the yin and yang, breathe the essence and breathe, and keep their spirits independent. If the muscles are the same, they can live in heaven and earth without end.

What this is saying today is the practice of meditation, tune up, go into meditation, or sit still, or stand on a pile, always go into meditation with pure mind, eliminate distractions, and experience the changes in the movement of qi and blood in the body. Over time, it is full of vitality.The five internal organs are peaceful, strong and strong, and will live long.

Li Shaobo, a famous Chinese medicine practitioner in Gansu Province, is 100 years old, has a youthful appearance, and is quick-thinking. It is precisely because of his life-long practice of “True Qi” that he never slacks.

It can be seen that for people to be healthy, they must have a moderate amount of physical labor and physical exercise, and they must also have a modest mind-rest and mental work.

Only “Shen Jing is heart peace, and heart peace is perfect.”

  Therefore, in order to maintain health, it is necessary to support both body and soul, combine movement with static, and moderately.

In this regard, I paired the phrase “Nei Jing” with “beautiful food, let it be served, be happy with it, be admired by the people, and say” Pu “by the people”:My god, my movements are moderate, and I return to my own life. ”

If a person can do what is said in this couplet, then he can return to his own right and live in the same territory.

Recommended-Red wine prevents diabetes

Recommendation: Red wine prevents diabetes


Red wine can increase appetite. The bright colors of the wine, its clear and transparent body make it pleasing to the eye; when poured into a glass, the fruity wine is fragrant; when it is tasted, the tannins in the wine are slightly astringent to promote appetite.

  The unique wine flavor and ingredients determine that it is the most suitable for catering, not only can it be appetizing, digestion improves the quality, but also excites and relaxes.


Red wine has a tonic effect. The natural raw materials and the brewing process in wine make it contain a variety of amino acids, minerals and vitamins, which are all necessary nutrients for the body to supplement and absorb.

It can be directly absorbed by the body without prior digestion.

  Especially for the frail, it is good for the health to restore regular wine.

The phenolic substances and Oligoe Lement in wine have the function of oxidizing agents, which can prevent the damage of the reactive oxygen species (Ros) generated in the human metabolic process (such as the damage to the DNA and RNA in cells).Injuries), these injuries are one of the factors that cause some-degenerative diseases such as cataract, cardiovascular disease, arteriosclerosis, deterioration.

 Therefore, often the right amount of wine can have anti-aging and longevity effects.


Red wine helps digestion in the stomach. 60-100 grams of wine can increase the production of normal gastric juice by 120 ml (including 1 gram of free vitamins).

Wine is good for protein assimilation; tannins in red wine can increase the contractility of smooth muscle fibers in the tandem muscle system.

Therefore, wine can adjust the function of the colon and have a certain effect on colitis.

  Sweet white wine contains potassium sorbate, which helps the secretion of bile and pancreas.

Therefore, wine can help digestion and constipation.


Red wine has a cosmetic and anti-aging effect. The unique wine contains organic compounds such as polyphenols, which makes the wine reduce blood lipids, inhibit necrotic cholesterol, soften blood vessels, enhance cardiovascular function and heart activity.

It also has beauty and anti-aging effects.


Red wine has the effect of weight loss. Wine has the effect of reducing weight. There are 525 calories transferred per liter of dry wine, which results in only equivalent to 1/15 of the average daily dose required by the human body.

  After drinking, wine can be directly absorbed by the body, digested, and consumed within 4 hours instead of gaining weight.

  Therefore, people who regularly consume dry wine can not only supplement the body’s required water and various nutrients, but also help lose weight.


Diuretic effect of red wine In some white wines, the content of potassium tartrate, potassium sulfate, and potassium oxide is high, which has a diuretic effect, which can prevent edema and maintain the acid-base balance in the body.


The bactericidal effect of red wine has long been recognized.

  For example: cold is a common and frequently occurring disease. The antibacterial substances in wine can inhibit the flu virus. The traditional method is to drink a glass of hot wine or a glass of red grapes-wine, heat it, break into an egg, and gently,Stop heating and cool a little.

  Studies have shown that the germicidal effect of wine is because it contains bacteriostatic and germicidal substances.


The results of the latest test that red wine can prevent diabetes show that wine drinks have been used to induce cancer in mice, and wine has been shown to have a strong inhibitory effect on cancer.

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Pharmacy have replaced mulberry, peanut, and grape skin-the strongest anticancer activity.

  US scientists recently made ready-made wines that contain a chemical that prevents diabetes, Roy Williams at the San Francisco Wine Research Institute said at a vintage press conference in Washington that they found in red and white winesA substance that prevents formaldehyde.

  This substance has this effect because it is anti-estrogen, which is related to the kidneys.


Red wine can inhibit micro-absorption Japanese scientists have found that red wine can inhibit micro-absorption. Experiments have been carried out with mice. Rats found that after wine was placed, the micro-absorption of each other became slower, and the same possibility was obtained for clinical trials in humans.
  The above facts show that it is not an exaggeration to say that wine is “the oldest drink and the most important medicine in the history of the world, which has never been used.”

Mother and child talk about sexual skills

Mother and child talk about sexual skills

Children around the age of three or four began to gradually become curious about their provenance, often even asking: “Where did I come from?

“How do you answer similar questions?

  I don’t think it will be “you will understand when you grow up” or “witches are born” or “you popped out of a rock”.

If your answer is true, then you have to correct it, because at this moment he needs you to give him the true answer, even if he doesn’t understand, he must answer truthfully.

  Here I want to give an interesting example: a mother once asked her son: “Where did I come from?

When he was anxious, he told his son a set of knowledge he had prepared.

As a result, the son immediately said, “Xiaohua next door said that he came from Yiban. Where did I come from?

“This story also reminds parents to answer,” Where do I come from? ”

When you are in doubt, you must first understand what the child wants to know, and add it little by little with age, avoid rushing, and say a lot of theories that children cannot digest.

  In terms of answering skills, children can use words that are easy to understand, for example: “Mom has a passage in her body called the birth canal. Every baby is born through his mother’s birth canal.

It was a very mysterious place, surrounded by liquids to protect the baby.

“When answering the question of why father and mother combine to give birth to a baby, we can start with” plant pollination. ”

  The child reached fifth or sixth grade of elementary school, and the way of telling the story could not satisfy him.

“According to the truth” is the best sex education method of this age.

  Usually, girls are 12 to 14 years old and boys are 13 to 15 years old.

Parents should let girls understand the process of menstrual cramps and how to deal with them, let boys know the true principle of erection and ejaculation, and prevent children from being caught off guard or afraid of Zhang Huang.

Traditional Chinese Medicine for Breast Hyperplasia

Traditional Chinese Medicine for Breast Hyperplasia

Forty-year-old Jiang was 18, 25, and 31 years old. She had undergone three operations for breast lumps and removed a total of five jujube-sized and broad bean-sized lumps.

Interventional diagnosis of breast fibroma by pathological section.

A bilateral breast mass was found again this year, and she was afraid of surgery by taking medication at a local hospital.

Later, there was bilateral breast pain, and the discomfort worsened. The mammary gland was examined by molybdenum target radiography.

Through the introduction of her acquaintance, she found the chief physician of Xiangfan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, a well-known Chinese medicine professor in Hubei Province, Professor Hu Sirong, who took the traditional Chinese medicine decoction prescribed by Hu Dafu and disappeared; the tumor began to soften and shrink on 21 days; bilateral breast cancer tumors disappeared on 56 days, and menstrual period recoveredNormal, his complexion improved, and chloasma began to recede; 98 days after taking the medicine, a molybdenum target radiograph showed that bilateral hyperplasia of the mammary glands disappeared.

  The author has learned that female patients with hyperplasia of mammary glands who come to the clinic increase year by year.

Professor Hu believes that most of the causes of this disease are related to visceral dysfunction, qi and blood disorders.

Severe visceral liver and spleen, especially those with weak body and spleen soil; or over-eating spicy, fat and thick taste, which damages the spleen soil, causing dysfunction of the spleen soil transport function, accumulating dampness as sputum; or introverted personality, emotional depression, Irritable temperament, or irritability, or irritability; or because of Qiqing injury, excessive worry, causing liver loss and drainage, depressed sputum, etc., leading to sputum agglomeration, qi and blood stagnation to form a mass.
  Professor Hu’s traditional Chinese medicine treatment of hyperplasia of mammary glands is to soften and disperse stagnation, remove stasis and clear collaterals to cure its symptoms, eliminate phlegm and dampness, and relieve liver and stagnation to cure the symptoms.

Seaweed, Kombu, Fritillaria cirrhosa, turpentine, raw oysters, soft stagnation, phlegm, dampness and water; Sanling, Curcuma, leeches breaking blood and removing blood stasis and collaterals; Cork, prunella, clearing heat and dispersing; Divine scorch, cokeHawthorn, Poria, spleen and digestion, lowering gas and phlegm; Chaihu, Magnolia officinalis, stagnation and stagnation, regulating qi and pain; licorice replenishing spleen and replenishing qi, relieving spleen and analgesic, relieving pain, reconciling medicines, and the opposite of seaweed, use the opposite to complement each other, whileIt can better exert the effects of seaweed dissipating and beneficial water, swelling and analgesia, and also greatly increase the power of prescriptions, achieve faster results, and last longer.

  Professor Hu reminded female friends: To avoid this disease, you should maintain a happy mood, a peaceful mindset, and do not be too impatient when things go wrong.

Do not eat spicy food in the diet, light.

Beware of potential psychological disorders in the workplace

Beware of potential psychological disorders in the workplace

Psychology believes that women are prone to failure in their careers, and their psychological factors dominate, that is, women are dominated by emotions.

Many women are lurking with mental disorders. The most common are the following five: 1.

Beautifulness has an excessive sense of superiority. Since ancient times, it has been too thin to hit. From the perspective of talents, beautiful women have fewer talents (except in the art world). This is because beautiful women tend to have a blind sense of superiority.

From a psychological point of view, men and women have different needs for achievement. The key to promoting men’s pursuit of achievement is “competition”, but the motivation of women is “social acceptance”, and some beautiful women often do not think aggressively and consider themselvesBorn to have the capital accepted by society, there is no need to labor to “compete”.


Success will replace the phenomenon in love society. The higher the education, the harder it is to find the target. The successful woman often cannot be a strong man behind it.

Many men want to be “inferior” and do n’t like “strong women”. Therefore, many women are convinced that career achievements will be bothered by society and take away love between husband and wife.


Women of the same sex with jealousy do not like to compete with others, but they are often “competitive” in love or when dealing with same sex.

Unfortunately, this competition has caused them to lose their existing advantages.

Some women’s own shortcomings are morbid serious jealousy, they are not good at coordinating their own favorable factors, blindly compete with those who are competing with them, and finally lose the overall situation.


Lack of desire for competition In the factors of a person’s career success, the sense of competition must be no less than talent.

Unfortunately, women’s psychology always seems to make them feel inferior to others, and at the same time, they do not like to rely on competition to meet their wishes.


Continuity is too strong. Many women always like to focus on understanding and imitating the correct result of thinking. The purpose of thinking is only to continue what is already, not to create something new. This is why women areThose areas with strong imitation and inheritance are prone to preliminary results.

And this also causes them the biggest psychological obstacle that they are not good at creating jobs.

Mouth ulcers need to be vigilant

Mouth ulcers need to be vigilant

Mouth ulcers are a common symptom in daily life, and a person has encountered it more or less throughout his or her life.

However, if oral ulcers recur, they must be taken seriously.

Generally, oral ulcers can heal themselves after rest, diet adjustment, and maintaining smooth stools. Some patients only need to use local medicine or take a few patches of Chinese medicine to heal, and generally do not have serious adverse consequences on the whole body.

  However, if one or more individuals have repeated episodes of oral ulcers or even one after another, pain is intolerable or accompanied by ulcers in other parts (such as vulvar ulcers), it is highly reduced because this recurrent ulcer is likely to be an immuneDisease-Warning Signs for Behcet’s Disease.

  Behcet’s disease is also called Behcet’s syndrome or eye, mouth, and genital syndrome.

Clinically, the triad of oral ulcer, genital ulcer, and iridocyclitis are more common.

Among them, eye symptoms are diverse, which can be manifested as blurred vision, vision loss, eye pain, photophobia, tearing, foreign body sensation, and mosquito disease. In severe cases, blindness can result.

There are also post-needle eye reactions.

If there is a lack of overall understanding of the disease, each symptom may be presented to doctors in different specialties when seeking medical treatment, and the situation of “headaches and head pains and foot pains” will often occur, and the opportunity to receive the best treatment plan will be lost.

  Behcet’s disease has been occurring since ancient times, and it occurs in both men and women. It can be seen at multiple ages and is more common after 35 years of age. Its occurrence and development are closely related to abnormal immune function.

TCM is called “Fox Confusion” and states “Erosion in the throat is confusion, and erosion in the yin is fox.”

The occurrence of this disease is closely related to liver and kidney deficiency, deficiency of qi and yin, and exogenous damp-heat. For a long time, damp-heat and qi-blood struggle, wetness, poisoning, and silt cement each other, causing the disease to recur and relapse.

  For a long time, according to the traditional theories and clinical practices of traditional Chinese medicine, for the acute onset and rehabilitation of Behcet’s disease, follow different symptoms, and take heat clearing and detoxifying, clearing dampness and heat, detoxifying Tongmai, nourishing qi and nourishing Yin, and nourishing liverKidney and other treatments, the results show that Chinese medicine can completely control the recurrence of ulcers, and can regulate immune function.

  According to the characteristics of small lesions and shallow lesions of the disease, tin powder, ice boron powder, local cork and asarum powder are applied, and decoctions of honeysuckle, licorice and other gargles, wild chrysanthemum, ground skin, sophora flavescens, etc.Frying soup in a bath.

Clinical practice has proven that external use of traditional Chinese medicine and oral administration of traditional Chinese medicine to treat Behcet’s disease, the frequency of ulcers, the number of attacks and the degree of pain can be alleviated in about a month, and continued treatment with Chinese medicine for months can further control the condition.

  In addition to drug treatment, you should always pay attention to protecting oral hygiene, eat more vegetables and fruits, eat less barbecued fried and greasy foods, and do not eat spicy and hot foods such as peppers, green onions, ginger, garlic, tobacco, alcohol, wine,Lamb, etc., avoid fatigue, keep a happy mood and smooth stool.

High nutritional value of potatoes

High nutritional value of potatoes

Potato is both a vegetable and a grain. It is not only rich in protein, but also has the most vitamin content in all food crops. It has all eight essential amino acids that the human body needs but cannot synthesize by itself.

  2008 International Year of Potatoes The United Nations officially launched the “2008 International Year of Potatoes” on October 18.

This event will highlight the important role potatoes play in improving food safety and reducing poverty.

  Although the eastern and western diets and culinary cultures vary widely, if you want to find an intersection among them, it is probably the potato, because delicious substitutes made of potatoes can be seen almost everywhere in the world.

Having said that, the United Nations also officially launched the “International Year of the Potato 2008” on October 18.

  Dr. Qu Dongyu, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and chairman of the China Potato Specialty Commission, said that this is the second “crop year” established by the United Nations. As one of the world’s three major rations, potatoes are becoming more and more severe in the world todayIt must have become an indispensable “protagonist” in people’s expectations.

  The United Nations Population Representative in China Zhang Zhongjun said that potatoes contain vitamin C and potassium, which can help significantly reduce the number of deaths caused by malnutrition.

In the past 20 years, China has become the world’s largest potato producer, ahead of Russia, Europe and the United States.

These were the countries and regions with the largest potato production and currently the largest consumption.

  Dr. Qu Dongyu also predicted that potatoes are both vegetables and grains. In addition to protein supplements, and the vitamin content is the most comprehensive of all food crops, it also has 8 essential amino acids that the human body needs but cannot synthesize by itself.

Some nutritionists have done experiments. One serving of 148 grams of potatoes (one large potato and four or five small potatoes) can basically meet the needs of vitamins and nutrition.

  Zhang Zhongjun also said that in China, potatoes are arguably the most common dish. In developed countries, potatoes are also used in a variety of ways, such as potato chips, potato cakes, mashed potatoes, and potato soup. They are also daily family recipes.Main tactics.

Consumption of compressed potatoes has doubled in the past 40 years, but is still less than in Europe.

  Potatoes are not a good snack, but potatoes are not a good snack in terms of food safety.

Fan Zhihong, an associate professor at the College of Food Science, China Agricultural University, pointed out that potatoes are particularly prone to form “acrylamide” toxic substances after high temperature heating. Therefore, potato chips are the food with the highest toxic content, and French fries also have such troubles.

Therefore, be careful of potato crisps, fried chips, and snacks such as fries, not to exceed 25 grams per day.

  Fortunately, the heating temperature for home cooking and stewing does not exceed 120 ° C, so it does not produce any harmful substances.

So stewed potatoes, fried potatoes, steamed potatoes, etc. can be eaten with ease.

  The well-known nutritionist Professor Li Ruifen’s potato food is so rich in nutrients. It contains more protein and vitamin C, vitamin B1, and vitamin B2 than apples. The content of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium is also high, especially potassium.Content can be said to rank first among vegetables.

It contains a large amount of high-quality cellulose, which can prevent constipation and cancer.

  Professor Li Ruifen, a famous nutritionist in China and a nutritionist in the General Hospital of Beijing Military Region, is a loyal fan of potatoes.

She told reporters: “Our family loves potatoes, especially my wife. He has been educated in the West since childhood, and his taste is relatively westernized. In the past, my family ate Western food 3-4 times a week, and the old man liked to eat me.Made potato cakes, this is an essential side dish for every meal.

“Potato cake method 1, the potatoes are washed, sliced, put in a pot, cooked with water, it is best to cook a little bit, the resulting potato cake will be soft and delicate.

  2. Remove the potatoes from the pot, put them in a bowl and grind them with a spoon.

Then, put a small amount of fresh milk, if you feel it is thin, you can also use milk powder instead.

After mixing well, press the mashed potatoes into small round cakes with a thickness of about 1 cm. You can control the size yourself.

  3. Wrap a layer of dry noodles, roll it in the egg liquid, wrap it with a layer of breadcrumbs, and fry until golden brown.

  In addition to making food with potatoes, it has magical medicinal value.

Mashed potatoes is a recipe for Professor Li to treat patients with gastric ulcers.

She made a very vivid metaphor. She got stomach ulcers, and there were many small holes in her stomach, and mashed potatoes were like small plasters, which sealed them tightly.

If you eat twice a day in the abdomen, the condition will improve significantly from 20 days to about a month.

  For children 4-6 months old, mashed potatoes are an important food for them to practice “opening the gate.”

Professor Li said that the children will start to eat from 4 months. At this time, parents can feed them more mashed potatoes (smashed potatoes, add salt and milk), not only can provide the baby with the necessary growthRich in nutrition, it can also help them practice the upper and lower chewing function of the teeth.

  Five ways to eat potatoes in China According to Chen Linsheng, a senior catering member of the Great Hall of the People, in a Chinese state banquet, tomato beef potatoes and canned beef potatoes are two main dishes, while mashed potatoes and potato salad are indispensable dishes for foreign guests.
For ordinary banquets or ordinary home-cooked dishes, the Chinese most love potatoes are fried, braised, stewed, braised and braised.

  Fried: Mainly fried potato chips and potato shreds, served with green pepper slices or carrot shreds, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, crisp and tender.

  熘: Mainly 熘 potato chips and diced potatoes. In addition to maintaining the characteristics of fried potatoes, it adds a little smoothness.

  Stew: The potato stew represented by Northeast uncooked stew is mainly stewed potato nuggets and potato chips. In winter, come a large pot of stew, which is not only sandy and noodles, but also loose and delicious, and warm and warm.  炝: It is mashed potato shreds and diced potatoes, an authentic side dish, crispy, light and refreshing.

  烀: It is 烀 (hū) potato sauce, which is the simplest potato dish.