Smart parents don’t say these 9 words to children

Smart parents don’t say these 9 words to children

In life, parents and children communicate almost every day, but many parents are surprised: too often, the “ditch” is exchanged, but the actual effect is often not “connected”.

There are some mistakes in educating children, and many parents always make them repeatedly without even realizing it.

Some words, smart mothers never say, do you know what it is?

1. “Baby, you are too smart!

“Too much praise will cause children many restraints and burdens. When parents’ expectations are not met, children will easily become frustrated and feel guilty.

Parents always praise their children as “too clever”. When the test results are not satisfactory, the children will have deep self-blame and coping, and their self-esteem and self-confidence will be hit hard.

Therefore, it is best for parents to praise their child for something specific, such as “Your homework is well written today!

“2,” Fool, useless things!

“When a child’s test scores are not satisfactory, some parents will shout out loud,” stupid!


“This practice has severely hurt children’s self-esteem.

The right thing to do is to criticize things and not people.

If you don’t want your child to be a “fool”, appreciate your child in the usual way, raise your thumbs up, encourage more, and suppress less.

3, “Shut up!

I can’t say no!

“” Go homework!

“” Turn off the TV! ”

“. Too many commands can easily make the child” deaf “. When children are often indifferent to such commands, parents should consider their credibility in the eyes of their children.

4, “There is no other ability, you can play as a world champion!

“Parents must refrain from making sarcastic remarks. This will greatly harm the child’s self-esteem and damage parent-child relationships.

Children will feel that their parents do not like themselves and gradually alienate them.

You know, the biggest punishment is not physical, instead of spiritual. If you make a mockery of irony, it will be more sad than hitting the child!

5, “Baby, it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t hurt.

“This is a mistake that many parents make easily.

When the child says, “Mom, I’m afraid, the injection is very painful.” Parents often comfort and say, “Baby, it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t hurt.

“This will make the child feel wronged and afraid.

A more sensible approach should be: “Baby, mother knows that injections are painful, but the illness can only be better after the injection.

“Knowing that they understand, the child will feel better.

Sometimes it is better to deceive in good faith than to say the consequences directly, so that the child is prepared for the challenge.

6, “I’m an adult, I can do it, but you can’t!

“When the children are fighting with each other, the parents’ attitudes of fighting and scolding cause the children to have a strong dissatisfaction inside the child.

“While not letting the child speak swear words, he taught the child with swear words.

In the eyes of the child, parents have swept the prestige.

Education should be a two-way process.

Teaching is better than teaching. When teaching children, first of all, see if you are doing well!

7, “Did the teacher ask you questions today?

“” How was the math test?

“Because of their eager desire to learn more about their children, many parents often ask them as soon as they leave school.” Did the teacher ask you today?”” How was the math test?
“Who did you play with?”

“. Too many questions can only arouse children’s resentment and resistance, and earn a reputation of” hate “.

The effective way is to enter the children’s world, chat with them more, and inadvertently, you will discover many secrets of children.

8, “I don’t care about you anymore, just do whatever you want.

“Do n’t say that you do n’t force your parents’ intentions on your children to stop empty preaching and respect. When criticizing your children, be careful not to hurt your children and be tolerant of your children. Do not force your children to do things that they do n’t like.

9, “How can Xiaoli take the score, why do you only take so few points?”

“Each child has different characteristics and learning abilities, so you cannot use a blade to measure the size.

Don’t compare the shortcomings of your child with the advantages of others.

The unified model for educating children is that teaching children according to their aptitude is not a blank piece of paper and cannot be smeared at will.

Don’t let your child develop “learned helplessness.”

Let your child learn to play against himself and let him grow at his own pace.

Educate your child positively in a language that your child can accept.

Practicing yoga, be careful of the coach straining you

Practicing yoga, be careful of the coach straining you

An important principle is a balanced diet.

If the daily food contains a variety of expected foods, you can be considered to maintain a balanced food.

These are: salads, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, raw nuts (walnuts, chestnuts, hazelnuts, etc.).

Furthermore, whether you are a vegetarian or a meat eater, this basic food should be included in your daily food.

  People who have experienced fitness will not be unfamiliar with the following scenes: When you do not perform a certain action, the coach will come naturally to help you lower your body or raise your legs.

Annie broke her ligament in such a frequent action.

  That day, Annie arrived in the yoga class on time as usual. When she was in a posture, she was pulled by the coach because her movements were not in place. As a result, her ligament was injured and the pain lasted for three months.

In fact, this kind of injury is not a small number of bodybuilders, but under the circumstances, it is difficult for bodybuilders to feel that they have been injured.

  Although this may seem a bit exaggerated, yoga movement injuries are increasing at a rate of 136% per year, according to the National Medical Association.

The reason why people suffer from yoga is mainly people’s misunderstanding of yoga. Most people think that yoga is an extremely simple exercise, and everyone can easily perform the set actions.

However, this is not the case. Although yoga is a popular sport, not everyone can stretch their body as much as a coach.

  Beginners of yoga should not blindly follow standard movements. They must do their best.

Each action will be suspended as long as it feels to its limit, and must not be forced.

Although the human body’s compliance is not much different in theory, most people’s compliance is usually not as good as they think because they have not undergone step-by-step practice.

Especially after the age of 30, women usually can only say that they are not as flexible as they were when they were young.

  It is also worth mentioning the recent popularity of high-temperature yoga. Although various fitness clubs are vigorously advocating its magic weight-loss effect, this does not mean that high-temperature yoga is suitable for everyone.

For those who lack exercise all the year round and have poor physical function, the probability of sudden death and disease induced by exercising at a temperature above 40 degrees Celsius is quite high.

  Aware of the above, I remind you here that yoga is risky and you must exercise caution!

Was it destroyed?

5 tricks no longer be leftovers

Was it destroyed?

5 tricks no longer be leftovers

Did you get married?

In the era of advocating free love, most people will not embark on the old road of blind dates until they have no choice but to admit that blind dates are indeed one of the most effective ways to solve the problem of leftover women.

If one day you also become a member of the blind army, then you must learn these 5 tricks, so that you will not be afraid of losing your marriage when you meet a guy with a heart!


Meet for the first time and let the guy choose the location as a woman. There are too many ideas that make men think you want to control him, so don’t have too many opinions.

When he asked you where to meet on the phone, he said, “Listen to you. It can be anywhere.”

“In this way, you not only give him the feeling of being a bird, but you also throw the problem to him.


A woman who is dating a few minutes later than him must not be a twenty-year-old girl, so if you arrive earlier than a man, it will make you feel that you are in a hurry, and you are in a hurry. Do n’t listen to what someone says is on timeGirls feel straightforward and blind.

We are not on time. If he arrives 10 minutes early, we will be on time. If he arrives, we will be two minutes late.


Don’t mention ordering casually An interesting survey says that the most ordered dish by women in restaurants is “casual”.

Of course, this is a joke. When ordering a date with a favorite man, women do need to learn some skills.

When the waiter presents the menu, you ca n’t show that you ‘re familiar with it. You are very opinionated. The order is self-ordering. Instead, ask your male partner for suggestions or reveal to the other party what you want to eat.Take it.


Talk less, smile more, talk more, and talk more, you must remember.

Even if he thinks you are a tadpole in the future, that’s a future thing. For the first time, you hold back for me ~~ The ladies are obediently sitting and smiling.

If the other person is too reluctant to talk, and you are looking after him again, a few topics are raised. If he still doesn’t point out something, you tell him a joke, say, “Otherwise, I tell a jokeCome on, you must not laugh ~~ “Even if you don’t talk well, he will think you are cute ~~ 5.

To avoid sensitive topics, it is scary to ask people how many girlfriends they have met with each other for the first time.

It is not too late to know those problems slowly.

If he asks you the other way around, you say, “Yeah, I’m a little embarrassed if you ask me like that, will I tell you slowly in the future?

“In this way, once you give him a signal that you want to continue to associate with her, secondly he will feel that you are very shy, and thirdly he will not feel that you are unreal, because you do not want to hide him, but you do not want to say it.

What should infants and children eat in winter?

What should infants and children eat in winter?

Winter is here. The cold resistance and physical resistance of babies are far below those of adults. As mothers, how to arrange winter diets so that they can survive the cold winter?

Here we come to give advice to mothers!

  Baby’s cold resistance is not edible. The wrong concept of vitamins: cold resistance needs to eat more high-protein, high-feces food. Many mothers think that in winter, only to allow the baby to eat more high-protein, high-feces food can resist the cold weather;Modern scientific research proves that: in cold climates, the body’s endocrine system is also mobilized, which increases the body’s ability to produce heat.

  Therefore, the energy we need in winter is not much different from other seasons.

There is no need to give your baby extra food to get more energy.

  Cold-resistant diet strategy: to improve cold resistance, vitamins are indispensable. Baby’s outdoor activities in winter are relatively relative, and the period of exposure to sunlight is short, which is prone to vitamin D deficiency.

This requires the mother to supplement the baby with vitamin D regularly, 2-3 times a week, 400 units each time.

  The cold climate accelerates the human body’s oxidative function, and the metabolism of vitamin B1 and B2 is also significantly accelerated. Pay attention to timely supplementation in the diet.

Vitamin A can strengthen the body’s cold resistance, vitamin C can improve the body’s ability to adapt to cold, and has a good protective effect on blood vessels.

Therefore, in the winter, babies should eat more vitamin foods.

  Do n’t be afraid of cold, eat more diets containing inorganic salts. Medical research has shown that if the inorganic inorganic salts in the body are prone to feeling cold, it is necessary to help the baby to defend against the cold. It is recommended that the mother take more root-containing vegetables such as carrots in winter.Potatoes, yam, sweet potatoes, coriander and greens, Chinese cabbage, etc.

These vegetables contain inorganic hydrochloride in their rhizomes.

Seven keys to sleeping naturally

Seven keys to sleeping naturally

It was a torture to climb out of the warm quilt early in the spring.

  If you are always late, get up hard, get upset all day, yawn again and again, all you need is to reset the rituals of getting up. These rituals will help you to open your eyes without adjusting the alarm clock.

  Change is always difficult, but think about it. The time to get up every day is the beginning of the day. If you can get up happily, you will be happy all day.


You must have heard that going to bed regularly every day is very important. If you ca n’t do that, try to get up every day. In 6 weeks, the actual sleep rhythm will be consistent with your physiological rhythm.The clock is very important, “said Ma Si, a professor of psychology at Cornell University.

  So don’t go back to sleep or go back to the cage, as this will make the physiological rhythm more chaotic. Once you open your eyes, don’t hesitate to get up.

  You have to keep it that way even on weekends.

If you stay up all night on weekends and sleep until noon the next day, you will immediately know the pain, and you will get up in wailing again and again on Monday.

  Professor Ma Si suggested that even if he stays up at weekends, he still has to get up at a fixed time and take a nap at noon to make up his sleep, but the less such things, the better.


If the sun rises early and is an impossible task for you, then let the sun help you.

Because those full-spectrum sunlight can regulate the concentrations of serotonin (serotonin) and melatonin in the blood.

When exposed to light, the metabolism of the serotonin-targeted body is accelerated, and you will want to go to bed early that night and get up early the next day.

  If you can’t get up in the morning and go to the sun, you can also open the curtains to let the sun shine in, or prepare a bright light and turn on the alarm as soon as it sounds.

Keep going, and one day you will find that you get up in good spirits before the alarm goes off.


Did you find that you can easily press the alarm clock that has been with you for many years because the brain is used to getting close to familiar sounds? Therefore, you can prepare two or three alarm clocks to take turns, or use romantic music to wake you up, because concerts promote the brainThe flow of oxygen and blood makes the body want to rhythm.

  What music is good?

Nancy, author of Energetic 24 Hours.
Manson suggested that if you want to boost your vitality, you can choose music similar to Mozart’s violin concerto; if you want to be full early, you can choose dance music.


Deep Breathing-Recommended: After getting up with the anti-piracy version of Qi Breathing, deep breathing can make your body take a comfortable day.

Inhale slowly, as if you are breathing to the top of your head, and then exhale all the air. After stopping for two seconds, you can do it again to fill your body with fresh morning air.


Water-After going to bed together, look for water to drink immediately and let the body know that a new day is about to begin.

And humans will sweat about a glass of water during sleep. If they drank the wine the night before, they would put their bodies in the desert. Therefore, drinking water first, and then entering the toilet to expel old waste materials will make the body veryComfortable.

The scent will also stimulate the brain, improve perceptual function, and drive away drowsiness and fatigue.

So some people make coffee early in the morning and wake themselves up with the aroma of coffee.

If you have a vanilla plant on your balcony, you can also pick up a slice of mint and soak it in the water after washing it on the washstand. Mint has the effect of promoting blood circulation, which is also good for the skin.


Sweetness always wakes up in the morning, because after one night of digestion, there is no nutrition in the brain, and the energy source of the brain is glucose. At this time, supplementing sweet foods, such as bananas and apples, will have an effect immediately.

  Try it out, a wonderful early morning is waiting for you.

Sunscreen this summer


Sunscreen this summer

Exposure to excessive health and rapid decay: Experts believe that brown people can suffer skin addiction if exposed to 15,000 hours of sun exposure.

Of course, this sun exposure time not only refers to vacations, but also includes the sun exposure in daily life. This is a reverse counting method. You can do as you like, the more sun exposures, the more points you will deduct.


hzh {display: none; }  当计分为零时,再毫无顾忌地将自己的皮肤暴露在太阳下,那就变成一种很危险的游戏了。 The hot sun and wind hurt people without a knife: ultraviolet rays do not generate heat. For example, if someone is climbing a mountain, the higher the mountain wind gets, the stronger the ultraviolet rays will be.

For every 1,000 meters, the UV intensity is increased by 10%.

The same is true in the sea. The sea breeze makes you feel cool, and the ultraviolet rays at this time have often reached a very strong level.

In addition, 90% of ultraviolet rays can penetrate clouds, and clouds are not the best killer of ultraviolet rays.

  Umbrellas and glass have nothing in common: people think that a parasol can shade them. In fact, 50% of ultraviolet rays can pass through the isolation of parasols and hurt the human body.

Glass can also, it can only isolate ultraviolet B, and ultraviolet A can penetrate the glass without blocking.

The brown cream does not protect against the sun: The effect of artificially using a brown skin cream is completely different from the precipitation of melanin. The former can only change the color of the skin without thickening it, and the deeper layers of brown skin will still be affected by sunlight.

Therefore, the trendy brown ethnic cream series has nothing to do with sunscreen.

  T-shirts have better sun protection: a simple T-shirt is better than any sunscreen, and a small straw hat will also work.

If you apply a sunscreen with a sun protection index of 30, you don’t need to worry about your whitening plan.

  Protecting the eyes and lips is also important: the lips are actually very fragile. In summer, gently apply protective equipment on the lips to reduce the occurrence of lip dullness.

As with the eyes, it is also the focus of sun protection. It is very necessary to choose high-quality UV-proof sunglasses.

The sun protection index must be proper: sunscreens with a sun protection index of 15 or more can effectively protect against UV rays.

  Note that the number 15 is definitely not meant to be once and for all.

Instead, you should reapply sunscreen every two or three hours by applying 5 teaspoons of a 100g dose of sunscreen to your body and face evenly in the same shade as in the sun.

  The layer-by-layer defense effect is better: if you don’t want to tan, you can’t rely on a sunscreen alone. From basic makeup, base cream (containing sunscreen), powder to powder, you must have sunscreen effects.

Compared with one-layer protection, two-layer and three-layer protection measures will be more effective in blocking the invasion of ultraviolet rays.

  Daytime, whitening during the day and night: Sun care during the middle of the day is more and more valued by women, but whitening care at night is still neglected, in fact, they are complementary and indispensable.

After tanning, more protection is needed: skin thickening and melanin production are the manifestations of skin self-protection, but melanin can only partially absorb ultraviolet B, but does not have the function of absorbing ultraviolet nails.

Therefore, it is essential to create an isolation barrier between the sun and the skin when going outdoors in summer.

The idea that “sunscreen is not needed once the skin is tanned” is wrong.

Attend Yoga Practice Class-Yoga Guide for Pregnant Women

Attend Yoga Practice Class-Yoga Guide for Pregnant Women

Yoga Practice Yoga Posture Correct Yoga for pregnant women Yoga practice yoga postures, once you know you are pregnant, you can tell the coach immediately.

Because some posture pregnant women should avoid practicing, if you have experienced miscarriage before, then you should be especially careful during the first few weeks of pregnancy. You may wish to ask a professional coach for help. A coach who specializes in yoga for pregnant women will also start postpartum recovery exercisesThis course will help the mother to recover her body and restart her regular exercises.

  Practicing yoga on a regular basis is very good for your health. Professional coaches can help you plan your exercise at home and arrange regular exercises.

However, it is also beneficial to participate in regular practice classes, because some of the bad habits in exercises are easy to form but difficult to eliminate.

If you exercise in a practice class, the coach will help you identify and correct these mistakes, so you won’t make the same mistakes when practicing at home.

  If you decide to practice yoga only after pregnancy, your health doctor, prenatal check-up clinic, or maternity supplies store will recommend you a yoga instructor or some practice classes.

  ■ Participating in practice classes is a good choice for correct yoga posture.

  ■ After practicing all yoga postures, relax your body and mind.

Essential oil beauty massage to create pretty women_1

Essential oil beauty massage to create pretty women

Many MMs may have a mystery about essential oils.

You do n’t know how it works, but you do n’t know how to use it.

Now, the beauty editor recommends you an essential oil beauty massage method.

Stick to it, it will have a magical effect!

At the same time, let’s spread the basic knowledge about essential oils together?
[Classification of essential oils]1.

Medical grade: oral.

Regulate sub-health, cure diseases and recover health care.


Therapeutic grade: Can be taken orally.


Aromatherapy grade: can be aromatherapy, massage to achieve relaxation, soothing, anti-stress effect.


Daily grade: Not classified as an essential oil.

Some supermarkets sell bath products.


Chemical grade: Made from flavors and pigments. Use will harm the skin and damage health.

  [Extraction method of essential oil]1.

Distillation method (usually used for flower essential oils); 2.

Pressing method (usually used for fruit essential oils); 3.

Paper suction method; 4.

Solvent method (impure, not oral); 5,

Supercritical method (also known as CO2 extraction method): to maintain the original plant.

  [Identify the quality of essential oils]1.

Species (family): such as Fort Gallia, Turkey, China, etc .; 2.

Cultivation method: whether it is organic cultivation; 3.

Soil; 4.

Extraction time, location, method; 5,


  [Precautions for using essential oils]1.

Do not use in three phases: menstruation, pregnancy, lactation; 2.

The initial healing of the operation (including abortion, or just born) 3.

Do not use for epilepsy, cancer, and lupus erythematosus; 4.

Not suitable for patients with severe hypertension, hypertension, and diabetes.

  [Identification of essential oils]1.

Smelling: bad essential oils, the first smell will feel very fragrant, and then smell will feel dizzy, nausea; 2.

Paper: Good essential oils volatilize quickly without any residue on the paper; bad ones leave yellow, oily things on the paper; 3.

Absorption: Pat on the skin and feel the absorption rate 4.

Packaging: look at the logo, look at the brand.
  Essential oil beauty-facial massage method 1.

To smooth the forehead, use your two middle fingers and ring finger to draw a circle upward on the forehead. Starting from the middle of the forehead, draw a pair of temples, then press the temples with both index fingers, repeat 20 times.

Can prevent the appearance of forehead wrinkles.


Push the eye sockets in two points, press the thumbs of both hands on the temples, and push the upper and lower eye sockets with the inner side of the second quarter of the index finger.

The upper eye socket is once from the brow to the eyebrow tip; the lower eye socket is once from the inner eye corner to the outer eye corner.

Go up and down, and do 20 times a lap twice.

It can eliminate eye fatigue, prevent wrinkles in the eyes, prevent the appearance of bags under the eyes, and prevent sagging skin in the retina.


Push the nose wing, the pores in the nose are particularly large, and black spots are easy to grow.

With both middle fingers, press abdomen from both sides of the nostrils and push the nasolabial sulcus, then push both fingers up and down along the center of the bridge of the nose, repeat 20 times.

It can make the nasal breath clear and prevent the dark spots on the nose.


Divide the lips, insert two fingers into the edge of the lips to make a circle, and then gently wipe from the middle to the corners of the lips.

The upper lip is wiped from the middle groove to the corner of the mouth, the lower lip is wiped from the middle of the lower chin to the corner of the mouth, and when it is wiped to the outside of the lower lip, the two fingers are slightly raised upwards.

Repeat 20 times.
It can prevent the expression of wrinkles in the corners of the mouth and prevent the corners of the mouth from sagging.


Pat the jawbone gently, bulge the jaw, and use two hands to tap the jawbone gently, and tap it several times until the skin on the face is slightly red.

Can make cheek muscles firm and not easy to relax.


Gently wipe the dust, raise the chin, and use two hands to gently wipe the oxide from bottom to top, left to right, and then right to left.

Repeat 20 times.
It can prevent the occurrence of fluorescent wrinkles and double chin caused by muscle sagging.

There are 3 steps in the treatment of suspicious symptoms of bird flu

There are 3 steps in the treatment of suspicious symptoms of bird flu

A few days ago, someone asked, if suspicious symptoms of avian flu occur, what is the entire treatment process?

The reporter was informed that the “H7N9 Avian Influenza Prevention and Control Plan (First Edition)” for Hubei Province has a clear process.

If the patient has pneumonia of unknown cause, the treatment effect is not satisfactory, and the person first becomes a “monitoring case” of human infection with H7N9 avian influenza.

  Preliminary: Still in the current hospital.

The hospital reports to the district health department, and the district health department organizes experts to conduct timely consultations and guide treatment, and to do further diagnosis and investigation.

The district health department and the medical institution monitor the specimens of the cases, collect them in time, and send them to the city’s disease control center for testing through the district disease control agency.

  Step 2: The test is determined to be a suspected or confirmed case, and the patient must be isolated.

  The third step: the expert team of the Municipal Health Bureau agreed that the patient was transferred to a designated hospital in the area for active treatment.

If the patient is from Qingshan District, transfer to the Municipal Medical Treatment Center; from Wuchang District, transfer to Zhongnan Hospital; if it is a child patient, transfer to Children’s Hospital.

  The city’s active detection of influenza H7N9 has been routinely monitored more than 30 years ago. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter visited the National Influenza Network Testing Laboratory located in Wuhan Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Experts revealed that the city has started to actively detect influenza more than 30 years ago, and now routinely detects 30 flu cases every week. The H7N9 bird flu has been routinely monitored.

  Of the four laboratories, two were used for influenza virus detection.

The reporter saw that two staff members were carrying out daily influenza virus detection tests with full arms.

  ”As early as the 1970s, our city started the flu testing initiative.

“Peng Jinsong, director of the virus detection section of the Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that as the only national influenza network testing laboratory in Wuhan, the daily detection of influenza has been ongoing.

Every week, they take 30 flu samples from the counterpart hospital for testing, and monitor the development and mutation of the flu at any time.

  After the emergence of H7N9 bird flu, the laboratory formed a team of 12 experts.

The expert team is divided into 4 groups and is guaranteed to be on call 24 hours a day.

Peng Jinsong said that once a suspicious case report of H7N9 bird flu was received, the disease control staff would go to the scene to sample and investigate and dispose of it.

Deadly bacteria?

Don’t be misled by wrong health knowledge

Deadly bacteria?
Don’t be misled by wrong health knowledge

We often say that bacterial invasion can cause our immune system to fail, but is this really the case?

Actually not necessarily.

Recently, some experts have suggested through research that bacteria actually do not cause disease, but the disease is only the result of our internal disorders.

What is the theory?

Let’s go see it together as soon as possible.

  Military doctor Mr. Zhang Kezhen, through years of medical practice, summarized a new concept of health and wellness: bacterial disease is only a phenomenon after the human body’s own disorders-“If the evil is together, its qi will be empty.

“To cure the disease, the first thing is to correct the imbalance of the human body.

  When man becomes a member of the earth, the human body naturally becomes a home for bacteria.

There are bacteria in our skin, facial features, digestive tract, and respiratory tract.

  Bacteria have been living on the human body, so why aren’t people sick?

They have no intention of actively attacking humans.

  Bacterial disease is only a phenomenon after human self-imbalance.

  Bacteria are not enemies. Bacteria and we are all members of the earth. Healthy people can live with them and live in peace. Humans really started to recognize bacteria from the invention of the microscope. We also saw them intuitively at the same time.Other kinds of microorganisms.

But from the moment they knew them, they were treated as enemies.

Because bacteria always seem to appear with many diseases, and often gather and reproduce in large numbers in diseased areas.

This build-up and reproduction can lead to multiple symptoms in the human body.

  In bacterial infections, we have overlooked one of the most important issues: wherever bacteria multiply, they are basically the parts of the body that have problems first.

First of all, if there is an abnormality, the bacteria will take advantage of it. This is the real cause and effect relationship.

  It should be recognized that health is mainly due to whether the human body’s own environment is normal or not, and bacteria are not the enemy.

  Many bacteria are not only harmless to the human body, but also beneficial.

For example, lactic acid bacteria help the digestive system; antibiotics can synthesize vitamins B and K to the body.

The flora that grows normally in the human body can resist the control or resistance of external bacteria in the human body . Pathogenic bacteria are opposite to non-pathogenic bacteria. The same bacteria do not cause disease when the human body is normal.It can exist in the large environment of the human body and live in peace with it.

However, when the body’s immunity is reduced, it will lose it and cause it to over-produce. This will become a pathogen.

  When we were treating, we had entered a misunderstanding: Regardless of the problems of the body itself, we regarded bacteria as the enemy of disease!

This is also an important reason why we always use antibiotics blindly for bacterial diseases!

  Many of the factors that actually cause our bodies to become ill are not visible at all.

However, when you are sick, a lot of bacteria often appear.

It is easy to look at them.

  In the case of colds, the human body will have tight skin when the wind and cold invade. At this time, many people experience soreness and discomfort in the cervical spine, headache, joint stiffness, pain and so on.

This shrinkage of the skin and other tissues caused by wind chills will naturally cause blood circulation disorders, cause microcirculation disorders of the upper respiratory tract, and cause the tonsils to swell.

The bacteria that usually exist in this part will lose its inhibitory effect because of the blood circulation obstacles in this part, so the exudate is the culture medium, and the bacteria will start to multiply, and some symptoms of infection gradually begin to appear.

  The treatment of colds should be based on the physical condition, eliminating the cold and cold factors in the body, and the blood circulation of the pharynx will naturally change accordingly.

In this way, the bacteria will lose their living environment, and tonsillitis and laryngitis will be cured naturally.

From this apex, although the bacteria reproduce locally and even reach the state of suppuration, it is not the real cause of the disease, it is just a phenomenon caused by a disease.

  Is inflammation caused by bacteria?

Inflammation is a comprehensive defense-based response to various factors’ damage to the body.  There are many causes of lethality.

Parasites, microorganisms, high temperature, cold, strong acid and alkali, radiation, trauma, immune response, etc. can all cause resonance to occur.

  No matter what kind of factor causes inflammation, it will basically show a series of reactions such as metamorphism and exudation of tissue cells.

These reactions often have a common feature is the impediment to local blood circulation in the plasma.

  My common arthritis patients are also considered by doctors to need antibiotics.

This type of mortality is related to its own blood circulation and physical factors.

Physical factors such as wind chills can cause local blood circulation disturbances, and some may even affect the blood circulation of internal organs.

This kind of antibiotics may be wrong to treat with antibiotics, and then the replacement of antibiotics causes other damage to the body.

  We cannot equate antibiotics with “anti-inflammatory drugs” because antibiotics cannot activate the “inflammatory” of non-bacterial inflammation.

  But sterilized parts often cause bacteria to multiply!

  This is mainly due to two reasons: First, the blood circulation in the diffusion site is impaired, which causes the mechanism that inhibits bacteria in the body to be affected and loses its effect on bacteria.

The second is the sterilization site. Due to the sterilization, the various substances it exudates and the cell’s metabolites will be a good medium for various bacteria. Bacteria can be suitable for themselves at this temperature, humidity, and nutritionBreed in the environment.

  Usually, bacteria are present in our skin, mouth, digestive tract, and urinary system, but they are inhibited by the body’s own immune mechanism and cannot reproduce indefinitely.

When pesticides appear in these areas, such as burns, a lot of serum will appear in the wound area, which contains a lot of proteins and replaced epithelial cells, etc., which provides a good nutrition and growth environment for bacteria.

Bacteria that normally cannot reproduce under good skin conditions take the opportunity to reproduce.

  Bacteria is neither the protagonist nor the culprit, it is just an “accomplice”.