Symptomatic remedy, refusing pox gas_1

Remedy the disease and refuse the “pox” gas

The current season is the high incidence of adult acne.
They are similar to acne in terms of body and appearance, but their causes are quite different.
Experts tell us that adult acne can be classified according to temper, and some are regularly visited, some are restless, and others are chronic. They will appear for a period of time.
Taking appropriate anti-acne treatment according to your temper can make adult acne recede as soon as possible.
  Poor acne. Keep it slow. 慢 Appearance characteristics: The appearance is similar to closed lipstick acne. It is soft and painless when pressed, and does not turn into blackheads or yellowheads.
  Regularity of activity: The generated cycle is synchronized with the physiological cycle, and regular visits are made every 28 to 35 days.
Temper temper, even if tough to squeeze, it is only a pack of blood, until the end of the physiological period before slowly retreating, there is no way to take it.
  Expert interpretation: Because the “physiological period” of acne caused by endocrine is a special reflection of people of different constitutions, it belongs to the laws of the human body.
Instead, like a close friend, take care of it gently, and let it go its own way.

Basic skin care and get along with each other 护肤 skin care steps are the same as usual on weekdays. If you have the habit of washing your face with cold water, use warm water during this period.
Also use moisturizing essence to increase hydration.
On weekdays, you should also reduce touch, and do not squeeze acne.
Keep a good mood on this special day.

Moderate concealment and invisible acne Many people have doubts in their hearts. Can you use foundation or concealer if you have acne? The answer is yes.
Especially closed acne like this regular visit, which is affected by the physiological cycle, can not be squeezed, the best way to cover it.
Concealer with net fat balance and acne-removing effect not only conceals the skin, but also promotes the improvement of acne.
  TIPS 定期造访痘分布密码  下巴痘VS激素分泌  下巴是女人最容易出现成人痘的地方,主要原因就是分泌紊乱,比如“好朋友”造访的前几天,因为雄激素和黄体素的上升,雌激素Caused by the decline.
  Long-term advice: Pay attention to the maintenance of the physiological period. If it is only during the physiological period, then refrain from some cold and cold food.
If you have it all year round, you should go to see a gynecologist. It is likely that your “good friend” has a little trouble.
  Anxious temper Acne Quickly find the balance point Appearance characteristics: Most of them are open whiteheads, and there is a white core in the small red envelope.
After a few days of exposure, the white core will turn into a blackhead acne.
  Regularity of activities: When a ghost appears, come and go quickly, the day and night time will come out in a mighty demonstration.
He is irritable and likes to “do his own thing”.
  Experts interpreted that the swollen temper and acne often occur in the T-shaped area where the forehead and nose are exuberantly oily, which is mainly caused by the imbalance of water and oil.
It’s usually very fierce, but if you use the right method, you can quickly make it disappear.
  1.Finding the balance of reducing oil and hydration Extensive local oil drainage and thickening of the skin’s horny skin are the main reasons for recurrent acne, so it is necessary to add sufficient water to the acne recurring parts.
Choose a mild exfoliating product and use a topical anti-acne product to balance oils.
  2.Handle anti-oxidation in a timely manner. The open-headed whiteheads are exposed to the outside for a long time. The white core wrapped in the middle will be oxidized by air pollution and turned into blackheads, which will accelerate the pores.
When the naked eye can see the white core, you can squeeze it out by yourself.
Pat the soft horny lotion on the face and the area where the acne grows, put the white core down in the middle of the circle of the disinfected acne stick, and slowly move until the tip of the white head touches the edge of the circle.
If the contents of the acne have not been uprooted, use small tweezers to remove the residue and apply a little anti-inflammatory essence at the end.

Creating the environment to change the nature of acne Let the irritable acne lose your temper, and create a comfortable and clean environment can change its temperament.
For example, without leaving heavy bangs, reduce the irritation and friction of the hair on the forehead; pay attention to moisturizing, especially in the late autumn and early winter dry season, wet lotion, and more moisturizing mask is good for improving acne and temper.   TIPS Acute temper acne distribution code Forehead acne VS liver If your forehead always has large acne, it means that your liver has accumulated excessive toxins, irregular life, upside down day and night, and continued to stay up all night will make the liver not normalTime (10 o’clock in the night?
12 o’clock, the toxins will accumulate.

  Long-term advice: Let the liver work on time and go to bed at 10 pm on time to put the body into sleep.

Even if you can’t sleep, it is good for liver detoxification even in a relaxed state.

  Nasal acne VS stomach When acne grows on the nasal wing, in addition to the reason for the strong oil secretion here, it is also the manifestation of excessive stomach fire and indigestion.

If the nose is still peeling slightly, the blood circulation is not good.

In addition, people with frequent constipation and flatulence are also prone to rhinoplasty.

  Long-term recommendations: Eat less irritating foods to reduce meat intake, and refrain from hot pot, cold and spicy foods.

Use warm food and water to avoid stimulating excessive gastric secretion and causing stomach acid, which can also exacerbate stomach fire.

  Perilippix vs. intestinal constipation or intestinal fever, eating too much spicy food, fried food is the cause of acne around the lips, of course, if you use too much toothpaste containing fluoride can also stimulate acne.

  Long-acting advice: Shuchang to help detox. Take a laxative to help alleviate symptoms. It can be used with abdominal massage to help expel stools.

The problem can be solved by eating a diet of fiber for a few seconds.

  Yintang acne vs. acne appearing in the middle of the double eyebrows can not be taken lightly. Remember if the symptoms of palpitations and chest tightness often appear recently. It will only develop acne when the vitality of the heart decreases.

  Long-term advice: Pay attention to protect the heart from exercise, increase sleep, stay away from alcohol, tobacco and irritation, and consult a heart expert as soon as possible to discover the problem.

  Hairline acne VS pores are not removed because of makeup removal, or this small detail is ignored during cleaning, resulting in thick horny skin, clogged pores, and easy formation of small acne in the hairline or between the eyebrows.

  Long-term advice: Clean and care for the details of the edges. When cleaning your face, pay attention to the cleanliness of the hairline edges in time to remove the pore metabolites that will contact the pores around the hairline.

  Chronic acne symptomatic anti-inflammatory rehydration Appearance characteristics: mostly closed lipstick acne, a small red envelope like a mosquito bite, without a white core in the middle.

Over time, it will turn yellow from the middle and become yellowhead acne, which is surrounded by inflamed pus.

  Law of activity: The cycle of production takes 56 days, which is the two metabolic cycles of the human body.

Slow-tempered, but powerful.

The activities are very regular, often appearing repeatedly in the same place, very appealing, and like to pull together to occupy a favorable position.

  Expert interpretation: Chronic acne often occurs near the cheeks, temples and cheeks.

It is mainly caused by cell-to-cell friction, which is mostly related to arthritis.

This hazard was buried as early as 56 days ago. If the inflammation can be eliminated in time and the cells can be hydrated, the acne will not erupt.

If it has already broken out, it must not be rushed to extinguish it by squeezing, and the inflammation can be solved fundamentally.

  1. Wet hydration is effective before bedtime. Wet a cotton pad with moisturizing lotion directly on the acne, and when you get up the next day, you will be surprised to find that the acne is almost flat.

It is only apparently effective and can actually replace eradication.

If you stop nursing, the acne will come out again.

Therefore, wet compresses should be maintained for at least 3 days, and fire fighting is repeated repeatedly like fire fighting.

  2. The early use of anti-inflammatory essence for chronic sub-acne outbreaks is mostly related to inflammation of the internal and external skin.

This acne taboo is forbidden to squeeze, and it is most convenient to use anti-acne essence with anti-inflammatory effect, and the sooner you apply it, the better.

Apply directly to acne morning and night after cleaning. Avoid applying other heavy lotions here to give acne space to breathe.

  3. Do more facial detox exercises. At the beginning of skin care, a meridian massage technique can help the skin to expel accumulated exhaust gas and toxins.

From the midline of the face, the toxins circulate to both sides of the face.

Use your fingertips from top to bottom, from your forehead to your cheeks, slide from the middle to both sides, and slide from your chin to your collarbone.

  TIPS chronic acne distribution code left cheek pox VS blood circulation Acne on the left face chest shows that your blood detoxification ability is reduced, there may be a liver problem or blood circulation problem.

  Long-term advice: Accelerate blood circulation. Don’t let the body be in a sweltering heat. You can take a bath with water slightly lower than your body temperature, go outdoors, eat some cold-blooded foods, such as loofah, winter melon, persimmon, mung bean, etc.
  Right cheek acne vs lung Right cheek acne is a reflection of inflammation in the lungs.
If your lungs are rising, your throat is dry, and your phlegm is coughing, look out for acne on your right chest.

  Long-term advice: Fast foods that are sensitive to food, stop eating sensitive foods such as seafood and mango, and alcoholic foods. Sensitivity will make your trachea, bronchi, and lungs more uncomfortable.