Start the weekly vegetarian plan now

Start the weekly vegetarian plan now

The concept of vegetarianism has been popular for many years and is still a hot trend topic. Together with environmental protection becoming a global trend, the promotion of vegetarianism has become more and more powerful.

However, for long-term vegetarians, it is not so convenient to find a vegetarian restaurant that is satisfactory to you.

For vegan business people, the importance is even higher, because people who eat with you don’t necessarily love vegetarian food, maybe they will doubt you – are you a devout Buddhist?

Or to show your foreign faction?

  In the face of such a reality, we have expanded into a vegetarian name, narrowed down, and considered the difficulty of widespread promotion of vegetarianism. It does not hinder the adoption of a gradual, more tolerant vegetarian approach – you can pick only one day a week, and alsoFor two days or more, vegetarians will not despise you, and for business people, it also saves a lot of inconvenience.

  The advocate of this vegetarian method called “weekly vegetarianism” is the American eco-environment blog TreeHugger.

The founder of com Graham Hill.

Currently, he is traveling around the world to promote environmental protection concepts.

Graham knows the fact that carnivorous meat increases the risk of death and makes the farm cruelly treat animals. The greenhouse gas emissions from animal husbandry are larger than all emissions, and the meat produced is 100 times more water than vegetables.He still can’t make up his mind to be a thorough vegetarian.

After becoming a vegetarian in the week, Graham Hill said that his carbon footprint has become smaller, reducing environmental pollution, he is more concerned about animals, and even saves a lot of food, and more importantly, his health.The situation has improved.

  The United States has a nutrition agency that also proposes a “weekly vegetarian day” to let the tired stomach take a day off and clean up in the body.

One background that cannot be ignored is that the busy life rhythm is harmful to health, and the first organ that is injured is the stomach.

The incidence of gastrointestinal diseases in the United States has increased by 14% in recent years, and the correction rate is higher.


The stomach is especially sensitive to mental stress. When a person feels pressure, he is prone to stomach pain, indigestion, loss of appetite and other symptoms.

The same is true in the body. Once the bowel function is disordered, the skin will be dull.

It should be known that starch and other foods such as rice have a digestion time of 2-3 hours, while meat takes 4-5 hours. The longer the food stays, the more likely it is unfavorable.

  In addition, the US Environmental Protection Association said that if every American replaces chicken with vegetarian food every week, the CO2 emissions saved will be equivalent to more than 500,000 cars on the US road.

  The former Beatles member, the famous singer Paul McCartney, who promoted this tolerant vegetarian concept, launched the so-called “Vegetarian Monday” campaign, calling on people not to eat meat on Monday to reduce carbon emissions.

Using his fame, McCartney has attracted many people to join.

  In May 2009, Ghent, Belgium became the world’s first vegetarian city to “food a week a week”, where the government will set up a “weekly meat-free day” every Thursday to reduce the environmental impact of livestock farming –According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, 18% of global warming gas comes from livestock.

The results of Ghent City are equivalent to a reduction of 1 per year.

Carbon dioxide emissions from 80,000 vehicles.

Bremen, Germany, is another example of this. It is the first city in Germany to announce a vegetarian diet once a week. Every Thursday, buffet restaurants and restaurants offer vegetarian food, canteens, restaurants, hospitals and schools to give up meat.

In April 2010, the city of San Francisco also announced Monday that it was a “vegetarian day”.

Of course, in these places, “suru” is not mandatory.

  For the business people who often go to the West, how much practical waste is there during the week: I am accustomed to the business banquet that I have to participate in, the smoke and the wine are not separated, watching myself gradually gain weight, the physical quality is getting worse.However, it cannot be done because of business needs.

Then, occasionally with a light but delicious vegetarian dinner, it is nothing new. Nowadays, vegetarian cooking has become new, and even people have designed a “vegetarian business dinner” for business dinners. Imagine that when it’s true, it’s light and palatable.Vegetarian food, the customer will vote for trust, banquet, face, eat delicious and healthy.

Or, set a vegetarian day without a business dinner every week to do something constructive for your health.