Planting Chinese herbal medicines into millions of years

Planting Chinese herbal medicines into millions of years

Nowadays, the standard of living is high, and many people have become a member of the “health” army, and high-quality Chinese herbal medicines have become the object of being chased.

This market prospect has stimulated the enthusiasm of a large number of pharmacists. Liu Jinfeng of Houwu Village, Qingshi Town, Taihe County, Fuyang City, Anhui Province is one of them.

Since 2014, he has been studying while planting, and he has harvested nearly one million yuan in the second year.

Now he has an area of 1000 acres of planted herbs, which is enviable.

Photo: The corner of Liu Jinfeng’s medicinal plantation plant. We are fortunate to have invited this cow to share his Chinese herbal medicine planting technology and experience. Come and see it.

It is not easy to grow Chinese herbal medicines. To get a good income, you must also choose the right medicine and the right method.

The choice of medicinal materials must be carefully selected.

The authentic medicinal herbs, also known as authentic medicinal materials, are synonymous with high-quality Chinese medicinal materials and have obvious regional characteristics.

For example, the main producing area of Sichuan medicine is Sichuan, representing the medicinal materials of Fritillaria Fructus, Chuanxiong; the main producing area of medicinal herbs is Guangdong, Guangxi, representing medicinal materials such as Yangchun sand, patchouli, and broad-leaf grass; the main origin of Huai medicine is Henan, representing medicinal herbs.Rehmannia glutinosa, Achyranthes, Yam, Chrysanthemum; the main producing area of Guanyao is north of Shanhaiguan, the three northeastern provinces and eastern Inner Mongolia, the medicinal materials represent ginseng, velvet antler, and asarum; the main producing area of Tibetan medicine is the representative medicinal material of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Cordyceps sinensis, snow lotus,Furnace mother, saffron; . farmers friends should choose the medicinal materials suitable for their own area according to the growth environment of Chinese herbal medicines.

A farmer friend who is able to select the first entry of the variety can look for a large variety.

A large amount of medicinal materials are used in most prescriptions, such as Atractylodes, White Stork, Codonopsis, Bupleurum, Campanulaceae and other varieties.

Although the price of these varieties is not too high, but its sales are good, generally there will be no backlog, and the income will be relatively stable.

Experienced individuals can choose to manage slightly more common rhizomes.

Due to the high biology of planting and processing, the planting area is limited, the price is high and the income is considerable.

Is there a skill in medicinal planting?

Look for fresh seeds.

Seeds are the lifeblood of crops. The purchase of medicinal materials should be investigated on the spot. Do not listen to the advertisements to buy online, and try to avoid the entanglement of the flash merchants.

At the same time, when you buy seeds, you should look at the luster, look at the cross section, smell the smell, and if necessary, soak in water to ensure the quality of the seeds.


Rational fertilization.

Generally for roots and underground stems of medicinal plants, such as peony, rhubarb, achyranthes, etc., it is best to use fertilizer for a long period of time, which is beneficial to the growth of the lower part of the fertilizer, re-application of farmyard manure, and the use of chemical fertilizer.

The whole grass type Chinese herbal medicine can be appropriately applied with nitrogen fertilizer, and the Chinese herbal medicines of flowers, fruits and seeds should be applied with more phosphate fertilizer.


Harvesting of herbs is very important.

If it is not dried in time after harvesting, the color of the medicinal material will be affected, and it will even deteriorate.

Some herbs are frozen and lose their value when they are harvested late.

Therefore, we must pay special attention to the weather conditions and harvest.


Industrialization of Chinese herbal medicine cultivation.

The state now advocates the organization of various types of new agricultural management entities, large-scale planting, family farms, cooperatives, agricultural companies and other large-scale planting is taking shape.

Large-scale planting is not only conducive to planting technical services, mechanized operations, but also easy to order sales, to ensure the quality of Chinese herbal medicines.