Mystery of job search for fresh graduates

“Mystery” of job search for fresh graduates

It was not until the graduation ceremony that the mother’s illness gradually improved.
Ray tried to call Company D.
Was told that the recruitment process had ended and that all newly recruited employees had already arrived.
“Sorry, you have to wait for the next chance.
“But Ray couldn’t wait.
The family is poor, the sick mother needs a home, and the younger sister’s tuition fee has not yet been settled.
More importantly, it is Lei ‘s dream to enter the famous D company. When is this “next time”?
  Ray thought and thought, and started a series of actions.
  He first sent a cover letter to the Deputy General Manager of Human Resources of Company D. The letter stated that he maintained his and his sister’s college tuition by working, leaving a deep first impression on the Vice President.
A few days later, on the same day, the vice president received the resume from Lei in the same kraft envelope from all directors.
This naive but clever “tackling key problems” plan made the vice president have a little appreciation and curiosity for the young man, he asked Lei to come for an interview.
  Unfortunately, Ray failed the first pass of the interview.
  Lei did not give up, and visited the company three times before and after.
An enthusiastic employee was moved by his persistence. He gave Lei Yi a book about the development of the company and the industry written by the president, and quietly told Lei the e-mail address of the president.
  In the following days, Lei carefully read the CEO’s book and made detailed reading notes.
For a long time, Lei carried out a centralized “bombing” to the vice president of human resources. On the one hand, he reported his learning experience, and on the other hand, expressed his enthusiasm and firm determination to join the industry.As mentioned in the article, when everyone is desperate, we are still working hard, and this is the quality of investment bankers.
 Similarly, when everyone felt that I had no hope of joining the company, I still dared not have the slightest slackness—because I decided to enter D company and become an outstanding investment banker, I never thought of giving up!
In order to show his determination and sincerity, Lei offered to take the initiative in the last paragraph of the email, and he was willing to enter Company D’s apprenticeship on the condition of free trial, and asked the company to give him a chance.
  After more than two months of persistence and sincerity, the vice president was finally impressed by the young man.
She arranged for Lei to meet with the president.
As expected, Lei put on company D’s uniform and became the company’s first unpaid trial worker.
  With perseverance and hard work, Lei not only turned right in a few months, but also became a “little brother” in the project team that people are willing to pull and take him to progress together.
  Compared with other employees of Company D, Lei is obviously a newcomer with a lack of academic background and professional reserves.
To this end, Lei’s classmates and friends, while envying that he can find such an ideal job, often ask him about what “secret” he can enter into Company D.
After hearing this, Ray always smiled mischievously: “Yes!
Of course it does.
That is-when all people are desperate, I am still trying.