Look at your level of humor from the date

Look at your level of humor from the date

Here are 9 dating places where would you choose to spend a good night with your lover?

Get to know your humorous index thoroughly.

  1. Lakeside 2, Box 3, Pub 4, Hilltop 5, Night Market 6, Park 7, Location 8, Coffee House 9, Cinema 1, Select “Lakeside” to see, the diamond ring advertisement has been deeply rooted in your heart, do you thinkIt is the most romantic thing to talk to your lover in such a quiet environment!

Yes, you will be a personal lover, but in such a beautiful environment, you can only whisper, so in the subconscious, you are a person who does not like to be lively and relatively autistic!

  2. Select “Private Box” As long as the two can be alone, you will be listed as a place to consider.

The infinitely disturbing two-person world is sweet, but in this case, you must spend more time than others to enrich the content of the “program”, otherwise your lover may feel a little bored in the long run, but they are not afraidTell you!

  3, choose “pub” You are a person who loves to show up, and you have some “people come crazy” personality, you will choose such a lively dating place, showing that you can’t wait to show yourself to the other party, but remember not to take care of yourself, andLeaving the other half cold, if you can take him crazy, I believe you will have a free night!

  4. Select “Top of the Mountain” to see the night view from the top of the mountain, indulge in the colorful lights and enjoy the night breeze slowly touching the face, it is really a pleasant thing!

Originally, you have a passionate personality in your personality, but on the outside it is pretending to be indifferent and restrained. Beware of internal injuries after a long time!

Still boldly speak out the feelings in your heart, so that your lover really understands your heart!

  5. Choosing “night market” for love, you are a bit big and slow, and you are often slow-minded, often holding the mentality of “as long as I like, what is not possible”, the sensitivity to love is poor,However, precisely because of your unique personality, it is easy to attract the attention of the opposite sex, and your unintentional humor often makes him laugh!

  6, choose “park” you are a bit lazy, too lazy to think about the content of the date, there is no sense of crisis, always feel that “you can not run away”, often overlook the lover’s mood, leading to misunderstanding.

No no no!

From today you can be a little bit more active so that love doesn’t always slip away!

  7, choose “air force” your innocence is the focus of appeal, your favorite dating method, I hope to make lovers happy every day.

In this way, you have a unique temperament that no one else has, like a close friend, and it is only natural to get along with you!

  8. If you choose “Coffee House”, you are a little “yuppie”. You feel that love must be set off by material, but ignore the true feelings is priceless. No matter how precious the gift is, you ca n’t compare it with another.Whether your heart is sincere, this should remove too much false packaging, and let love surround you naturally.

  9. Choosing “Cinema” should call you!

Flat and boring urban life has assimilated you!

Dating and watching movies seem to have an equal sign in your heart. It seems that if you don’t watch a movie, it is not called dating!


It ‘s not an audio-visual teaching class. What about the protagonist on the screen?

Use your brains and make more appointments!