Dieting is not detoxification but nutrition

Dieting is not detoxification but nutrition

Many white-collar women have been blindly detoxifying, and there has been a series of discomforts such as decreased appetite and irregular menstruation.

Experts reminded that blind dieting and detoxification, eating intestines and laxatives, etc., will not help detoxification, but will damage health.

  Ms. Yao, who has entered middle age, believes that the body is working almost every day.

Completely tired, the impurities remaining in it will slowly form a “toxin.”

Therefore, every other month, she consciously squats “dating” for two days, drinking only water and eating fruit.

She believes that this natural detoxification method can “clean up” the internal organs.

Experts say that Ms. Yao’s detoxification method not only does not have a detoxification effect, but instead overlaps the body’s nutrition and “excludes” it.

After dieting, the body lacks vitamins and nutrients. As a result, the body burns muscle tissue and nutrients in the body, thus the body’s need for nutrition.

At this time, the liver and kidney detoxification ability will be improved, and the bile can not be secreted and discharged during dieting, which may increase the possibility of gallstones.

Experts advise that do not blindly take all kinds of detoxification, clearing intestinal diarrhea.

On the contrary, drink plenty of water, exercise more, and the diet is light, and the toxins in the body can be fully reduced.