TCM sleep regimen

_1 TCM sleep regimen Sleep is an important means to balance the yin and yang of the human body, it is the best energy saving, it is also the best reserve and recharge, it is the best way to restore fatigue and get out of sub-health.   The mechanism of TCM sleep is: Yin Qi Sheng […]

Yili infant formula (gold)

Yili infant formula (gold) Product name: Yili infant formula (gold) Specification: 900g Applicable stage: 1-3 years old Children’s packaging: tinting Market price: RMB135. 00 Shelf life: 24 months? Vitamin A, Vitamin C: natural antibiotics, calcium, iron, zinc: promote the growth and development of young children; β-carotene: enhances the ability to adapt to the external environment […]

Special eggs have limited functionality

Special eggs have limited functionality High iodine and high calcium do not need red skin and white skin. Almost recently, there have been many versatile “special eggs” on the market, such as “low cholesterol eggs”, “high iodine eggs”, “high calcium eggs”, and “high zinc eggs.””” And so on, consumers are dazzled and do not know […]

Practice 3 yoga exercises in a traffic jam

Practice 3 yoga exercises in a traffic jam Absolutely, private cars are gradually spreading, and the health problems of motorists are also prominent. Long-term sitting posture and skeletal movement can lead to cervical spine disease, lumbar disc herniation, lumbar muscle strain, knee injury, poor gastrointestinal symptoms, mental stress and other various “cheyou diseases”. Drivers’ attention […]

Depression becomes epidemic for women

Depression becomes “epidemic” for women Some people say that depression is now an epidemic. The survey revealed that new members were added to these people: seemingly energetic young women and stress-free housewives. Most women believe that the best way to deal with depression is to shop, eat, and even sing karaoke. Bring maximum spiritual comfort […]

Teach you to choose cold and warm food

Teach you to choose cold and warm food In cold weather, in addition to properly adding clothing, people also need to choose some foods that contain multiple higher foods, which will also help to strengthen their physique and resist cold. Foods with these functions are: high-protein mutton, low-cholesterol food, sweet, warm, calcium carbonate, regular food […]

Eating onions can prevent rich disease

Eating onions can prevent “rich disease” Onion is the protagonist of European and American dining table, known as “Queen of dishes”. A famous French chef once said that without onions, cooking techniques disappeared. There is an onion festival in Switzerland, worshipping onions, praying for happiness, and using onions as the embodiment of gods. But onions […]

Practicing yoga for pregnant women to relax pregnancy

Practicing yoga for pregnant women to relax pregnancy Practicing yoga for pregnant women can improve the flexibility and flexibility of the entire muscle tissue, which can help reshape the body in seconds and postpartum. But pregnant yoga is ordinary yoga. During pregnancy, expectant mothers have to choose yoga according to their pregnancy.   In the first […]

Mystery of job search for fresh graduates

“Mystery” of job search for fresh graduates It was not until the graduation ceremony that the mother’s illness gradually improved. Ray tried to call Company D. Was told that the recruitment process had ended and that all newly recruited employees had already arrived. “Sorry, you have to wait for the next chance. “But Ray couldn’t […]