Reminder: new clothes should be washed and then worn

Reminder: new clothes should be washed and then worn

Buy clothes, will you wash and wear them?

A recent survey showed that of the 11,266 people who participated in the survey, only 22 were bought after the new clothes were bought.

8%, of which close to 61% said they would wash their clothes, 8.

24% said that no clothes would be washed.

  In response to this phenomenon, Yang Shuxia, deputy director of the Department of Dermatology, Beijing Hospital, said that because the close-fitting clothes and the skin are in direct contact, they cannot be immediately covered after being bought. They should be cleaned with a small amount of water and cleaned. Now many people already have this kind of health awareness.

However, other new clothes should also be cleaned as much as possible, because the clothes are protected from dust or other substances during the production and sale process, so it is necessary to clean them in time to maintain good health.

  The survey found that some people think that new clothes are not dirty. About 15% of people hold this view. Nearly 40% of people are afraid that new clothes will fade or shrink water, and 21% said they are afraid of trouble.

Yang Shuxia said that there may be reasons for inertia and some health blind spots.

New clothes should be washed and worn, which is a healthy and hygienic habit.

  When choosing why to wash new clothes, 61% think that the new clothes may not be too clean. Nearly a quarter of people think that some clothes may contain formaldehyde. Cleaning can reduce the concentration. Only 7% of them are out.Used to habits.

Yang Shuxia said that formaldehyde is a volatile substance with a better substitute. Cleaning can remove most of the formaldehyde left in the clothes and reduce its harm to the human body.

  The investigation found that 10% of people had mild skin allergies.

Yang Shuxia said that although the number of cases of skin allergies caused by wearing new clothes is not large, it should still cause us to know.

Especially in the summer, some people may be allergic to certain stains. After sweating, the stain will cause uncomfortable contact with the skin. Therefore, it should be cleaned before wearing.