Practice yoga can prevent colds

Practice yoga can prevent colds

While you are beautiful, yoga will teach you healthy eating.
Changing eating habits is the beginning of a lifestyle change.
The yoga diet is pure and light.
For all people, it is not very difficult to change their diet and eat light food; some people take very little time to get used to it, but no matter what, yogis always recommend:Slowly changing is more natural and beneficial than enforcement, and light food will make your stomach clean and relaxed, and will help you better practice yoga postures.
  If we choose the biggest reason people go to the hospital, colds will undoubtedly top the list.
Although a cold is only “pediatric”, if it is not treated in time and it develops, it may cause devastating damage to your immune system.
Every symptom of a cold is extremely annoying, and it can ruin your good mood all day.
There are not many medicines for treating colds, and yoga, as an alternative therapy, occupies an increasingly important position.
If you use yoga therapy, it is best to do it under the guidance of an experienced trainer.
  Cold symptoms To treat a cold, we first need to understand what the cold symptoms are.
  Sneezing & scratchy throat It is sometimes embarrassing to sneeze. A strong air flow suddenly bursts involuntarily through the nose and mouth, causing strange noises.
Oral and nasal mucosa allergies are the cause of sneezing.
Having said that, sneezing is really annoying, but it is not a sign of serious illness.
  A scratchy, itchy throat is another condition in the early stages of a cold, and it often causes an uncontrollable cough.
  Runny nose & sore throat Runny nose is caused by uncontrolled serous discharge (thin, watery), which can make you embarrassed in some situations.
Sore throat is caused by itching and inflammation of the throat.
  Cough & headache & slight fever & stuffy nose Focus on cough.
Cough is a spontaneous action of the body in order to remove mucus or foreign bodies from the respiratory system.
It is a defensive automatic mechanism of the human body against respiratory allergies.
  How is a cold caused?
  Although you may catch a cold at any time, the most common cases of colds are in winter and rainy days.
On average, children get 3-8 colds per year and adults get 2-5 colds.
A child’s cold is usually caused by another child’s infection.
There are 200 different viruses that spread the cold.

How to treat dry lips

How to treat dry lips

Cleft lip and palate refers to the appearance of cracks or fissures in the lips. It was known as “lip cleft” and “lip dryness” in winter. Many friends have chapped lips.

So some people are desperately applying lipstick on their lips. In fact, from a medical point of view: Lip cracking is a sign of riboflavin (vitamin B2) deficiency or spleen and stomach heat and yin deficiency.

  Dry lips should be supplemented with vitamins in a timely manner. The most common type of dry lips is from the corners of the mouth. This is the phenomenon of vitamins and vitamins. You should eat a variety of foods.Take the film with you at any time.

In addition to the lack of vitamins, another cause of dry lips is moisture, or too much speech and dry mouth.

There will be some waste skin piled up at the corner of the mouth and lips. Once this happens, you should drink water in time, wash your lips, and apply a thick layer of lipstick on your lips before going to bed at night.Will improve the situation.

  You can’t moisten your lips with saliva. Many people like to make a mistake. When your lips are dry, you will lick your lips or wet your lips with saliva, thinking that this will make your lips dry and dry.

Everyone knows that this habit is harmful to the skin around the lips.

  Former DIOR makeup artist Bing Qilin introduced that licking lips with tongue in dry winter can cause two problems.

One is that it can cause inflammation of the corners of the lips.

When you lick your lips with your tongue, you leave saliva on your lips.

Saliva contains a variety of enzymes that can help digestion, two of which are called amylase and maltase, which cause inflammation of the lips, because these two enzymes left on the lips are equivalent to “Digesting the skin. ”

  Another consequence of licking lips is widespread irritating dermatitis, which is also caused by saliva.

Experts explain that, in fact, it is not the same as people think. Lip licking does not make lips wet.

Because when you lick your lips with your tongue, the moisture that comes with it will evaporate, and when it evaporates, it will take away the moisture that is already tight on the lips and make your lips feel more dry.

Then there is the vicious cycle of getting dry and licking, and getting dry and licked, and finally it has eczema-like consequences on the lips.

However, this “eczema” is not “wet” or “dry”, and the skin that turns into the corners of the mouth becomes rough and appears different in color from the surrounding skin.

  Massage the lips to help absorption. If you add vitamins and your lips still feel dry, it is related to the nature of the skin. Therefore, you should focus on replenishing moisture and oil. It is best to massage your lips frequently.

The method of massaging the lips is not difficult and does not require special time. As long as you apply moisturizer on the lips every morning and night before going to bed, then gently massage with your fingers to help promoteBlood circulation allows the lips to get oxygen, increases nutrition, and makes the emollients quickly reach the skin of the lips.

Massage a few times and wipe off with paper, then apply a layer of colorless lip balm, and lips become moisturized.

Sleep poorly with sleeping pills

Sleep poorly with sleeping pills

First of all, the patient should adjust from the psychological and lifestyle first, as far as possible without medicine.

Find the cause of insomnia first, and treat the cause.

If you have depression, you can ask a psychologist for psychological intervention to restore a healthy mentality.

Life should also be regular, including going to bed regularly and getting up; do not drink tea and coffee containing irritating substances and alcoholic beverages before going to bed; even try to drink a cup of hot milk before bedtime, use warm water foot bath, foot treatment, etc.

  Drug treatment is considered only when sleep cannot be improved through the above conditioning.

  Pay attention to the following three points when choosing drugs: First, first use Chinese patent medicines with few adverse reactions. Commonly used Chinese patent medicines such as Aescinate, Zaoren Anshen, Anxin Bunao, etc. can also be found by experienced Chinese medicine practitioners.

  Second, if the above measures still cannot correct insomnia, then consider Western medicine treatment.

Drugs that have no inhibitory effect on the central nervous system or lighter inhibition and do not relax skeletal muscle should be preferred, and try from a small dose.

A variety of drugs include buspirone, zolpidem and the like.

These drugs should also be used under the guidance of a doctor, because with the increase of the dose of the drug, its inhibitory effect on the nervous system and adverse reactions to the muscles will also appear.

  Although diazepam has a corrective sedative effect, it also inhibits the central nervous system, such as inhibiting breathing and spasm of skeletal muscles, which may aggravate dyspnea, induce bradycardia, lower blood pressure, and heart failure.

When the cardiopulmonary function is not good, the pumping function of the heart and the oxygen exchange function of the lungs are reduced. Therefore, once the patients or the elderly suffer from insomnia, the use of dosage should be more cautious, especially the use of tranquilizers.

Long-term use of tranquilizers can lead to dependence and addiction after the efficacy of the drug is reduced. Once taken in large amounts, it can cause coma and respiratory arrest, which can lead to serious adverse consequences.

  Third, patients should not use Chinese and Western medicines without authorization.

Certain bromine preparations combined with cinnabar-containing Anshen pills and sedative pills can form toxic mercury bromide in the body, which can cause serious adverse reactions.

  In addition, patients with frequent snoring, especially those with apnea syndrome due to obesity, should be treated according to the above plan to avoid adverse consequences if they need to be treated if they have insomnia.

Six classic details prove men are 100% derailed

Six classic details prove men are 100% derailed

If you say that the man you love is fighting fiercely with another MM behind you, and did not propose to break up with you, then he can only cover up desperately, then cover up, lie, and lie.

But no matter how seamless he did, there would be clues.

You don’t need to look at it, you can use a little wisdom to find out if he really derailed you.

  Derailment phenomenon 1: increase After a sudden increase in derailment, in order to please the Iraqi people, it is necessary to eat candlelight dinners, send roses, and drink coffee, in order to reflect the gentlemanliness and romance of a man.

What is romance?

It is to slowly waste the numbers on a credit card with a girl, so that it changes from less to more.

  This is a compulsory course for men on the love field, small point, this little extra can’t be overwhelmed. How can a girl willingly be romantic with you?

Why do people play a love game with your husband and wife without ending and fame?

When it comes to girls, houses, and sports cars with high material requirements, one cannot be less.

  In order to keep the wind and snow, men had to desperately save money for private housing.

In the past, the money to be generous to be my wife will now continue to be handed to her, but how unwilling?

Only he knew it.

If a man does not have extra income, he will usually use various excuses to not give his wife his wages in full; if he has extra income, he will not be as stupid as before-no penny will be left to his wife.

Some men even quit smoking and drinking.

  Derailment phenomenon 2: Men who have an affair often work overtime to spend time with their lover outside work, to appreciate the ecstasy and beauty of Wen Xiang nephrite, naturally can not go home with his wife on time.

Of course his wife would call, text, and ask a man why he didn’t go home so late, with whom.

  Men usually answer without saying: overtime.

  At first, his wife distressed and asked: remember to eat dinner at work.

However, the more times he passed overtime, his wife became suspicious.

The man will immediately express his grievances: I work so hard and work overtime, is it not for you and your child to live a better life?

Otherwise, I will accompany you every day at home, you will make money to feed me!

  Most wives have a sense of blame when they hear a man saying that they have misunderstood her husband.

  The man saw his wife dismiss the idea of doubting him, and went home to accompany his wife honestly a few times, coaxed her into exultation, and continued to “overtime” outside.

  Derailment phenomenon 3: Too much entertainment In these years, men with a little ability like to entertain outside.

As far as entertainment to a man is concerned, it is decent and beautiful. It seems that without entertainment, it is not enough to prove a man’s ability, and it is not enough to prove that his career is successful.

  Women, for the most part, like men who have the ability to entertain.

  Such a man is likely to make money and bring enough material guarantee to her and her child’s life.

  As a result, smart men will be dressed in entertaining robes and develop extramarital affairs outside the house.

When his wife began to resent that he kept entertaining outside every night, the reason of the man was better than anyone: You thought I was willing to do so, and then take the elder brother-wife’s brother as an example to explain that every day after workGoing home, less than 1,000 yuan a month, always looking for land to buy daily necessities, eating clothes, shrinking food, or not enough money for the child to go to college, his wife scolded him every day.

Do you want me to be that kind of man?

If you wish, I will stay at home honestly after work starting tomorrow, cooking for you, simmering dishes and doing laundry.

  As soon as the wife heard it, there was no power immediately. Before hanging up the phone, she had to gently tell the man: eat more vegetables and drink less.

  The man took the line, that joy, with a little wisdom to get the wife’s heart.

  Derailment 4: Absent-mindedness when I return home, I feel restless no matter what I do, especially sensitive to the phone ringing, and refuse to answer the phone in front of his wife. If the wife asks him anything, he will deny it with arrogance-IWhat can happen

Are you doubting me?

If this happens, I can tell you with certainty that he is outside and has “the situation”.

  As the old saying goes, a selfless heart is wide in the heart. A man who has no secrets outside will be open to all the telephones at home, will not be absent-minded, and will not be arrogant towards his wife.

  Derailment 5: Men who are too lazy to have sex also have a period of reversal. This is normal, but it is only a few times.Excluding these days, if he is a physiologically normal man, if he is always absent in bed, he is indifferent to all your hints. For example, before every time you had sex, you all had “foreplay” but suddenly canceled it.He has no response to your body language and affectionate charming eyes.

Even if it’s sex, it’s a routine business, and it’s just a matter of coping, without passion.

At this point, it’s time to be vigilant. Men’s derailment often starts with being tired of his wife’s body.

  The seven-year itch of marriage is mostly the itch of sex.

When fatigue stress occurs in sex, it is also the beginning of marriage fatigue.

At this time, men will deliberately or unintentionally look for women who can bring passion to themselves.

  Derailment phenomenon 6: When a friend comes out to prove that he is an innocent man who returns late or often does not return late and is suspected by his wife, his buddies often volunteer to stand up and clarify the fact for him: that day, he was with us.Xunzi, you can rest assured that my elder brother is not that kind of person, and I can testify.

And he promised that even if the big brother wants to derail, our buddies will not spare him and marry your virtuous sister-in-law. If he is unsatisfied and dare to distort other women, he will see how we repair him.

  In fact, all of his buddies are the same fox friends and dog friends as he is. People say that things are grouped together, and people are grouped. This is absolutely true.

Men spend time outside, afraid of fire in the backyard. The most common trick is to push these fox friends and dog friends as a shield. Let his wife believe that although he returns night and night, he is absolutely guarding his wife like a jade!

  Although the above situations can not 100% prove that your husband is definitely having an affair, but if the above 6 phenomena are available, it means that your marriage is in a sub-health state. As a wife, you must pay special attention to how to eliminate you.The sub-healthy state in marriage, how to restore the husband’s gradual weakening of emotions and hearts, and how to get the marriage into the second honeymoon period, is what you must do.

  Never think that derailment of a man has nothing to do with you.

  There are three situations where men are derailed. The first is mental derailment.

The second is physical derailment.

The last is a dual derailment of spirit and body.

In the first and second cases, you can forgive.

This man is also within the scope of salvation. After a cold war, the marriage will return to its original love.

The last one is no longer derailed, or a more complete betrayal.

Once the derailment of the man reaches the last type, it is estimated that 10 cows will not be able to pull back. This family will sooner or later dissolve.

  Man derailment, and “freezing three feet, not a day cold” is a truth.

The eyes of men and women who are deeply in love cannot hold others.

Only when marriage makes a man feel dull and tired will his heart be “stirring.”

  If you are a smart woman, you can completely wipe out your husband’s “stirring” heart in the bud.

But the problem is that many women have never added it. What is the relationship between the derailment of the husband and himself? Only one man is identified. The man does not have a good thing, and he wants to eat pizza and eat pizza.

  Derailment has become the number one killer of today’s marriage breakdown.

The movie “Mobile Phone” attracted many Chinese people to watch, because the story told in the film was as real as it happened to them, but everyone knew it, which has become a well-known secret.

“Mobile” pierced this beautiful lie and made it public.

  The most upset is first and foremost women.

She was afraid that her man would be derailed by her. She didn’t want her man to be derailed. Everyone knew that only she was still in the drum.

Now, it is no longer necessary to pay attention to the old-fashioned method of judging whether a man is derailed. Mobile phone call records, text messages, and MSN chat records can be clear as long as they are recalled.

Of course, once discovered by a man, it frosted the already fragile emotions of two people.

If you can’t make it, you will rush the man’s unsteady heart into the lover’s arms, and lose the man and lose the soldier.

  In fact, this is totally unnecessary.

If you are a smart wife of ice and snow, you don’t need to look at it, you are in a tense posture all day.

From the details of life, pay attention to getting along with each other, he can “observe” the slightest “wind blowing grass”.

  After all, when a man is in a relationship with you or is in a marriage relationship with another woman, he can’t be upright and bright, he can’t get the stage to face it, and he thinks it is reasonable. Therefore, it is either sneaky or justStop lying to hide the illusion that he is still a good man you don’t love.

Man, what have you changed for love?

Man, what have you changed for love?

Love has great power, and sometimes even has the effect of saving lives.

Therefore, women always hope to change men through the strange benefits of love.

But in fact, a man is a kind of enclosure animal. He is accustomed to living in his own track and territory. Once other people invade, he will inevitably have a rejection reaction.

Therefore, some stubborn men insist: I am myself and do not change for anyone. After 20 or 30 years of cultivation, is it for women that I have changed my nature?

How can it be?

Therefore, rivers and mountains are easy to change, and it is difficult to change the nature.

But now, we are faced with this problem.

There is no problem in being an emperor.

But when two people get along, the gears run in. What we want is for everyone to change a little, the purpose is to reconcile the yin and yang contradictions, so as not to upset every day and mess up the bipolar world.

Well, dear men, whether you are in love or not, the past and present love experiences will definitely make you feel a lot of emotion and introspection.

Then, please answer my question frankly: What have you changed for love, 1. The smoking habit, despite the faint smell of tobacco on men, may be a fatal and seductive “medicine” for women.

Therefore, when some beautiful singers sang “Taste”, they were so tender and tender.

But once brought into the daily life, smoky, from the sofa to the quilt, there is a smell of smokey barbecue everywhere, women often frown to protest that men are so “detoxifying.”

Therefore, when women can’t bear it, it will inevitably develop to formulate norms.

The bedroom must first be designated as a smoking area. Under the exhaust hood or on the balcony, it becomes the corner of a man enjoying tobacco.

Of course, if a man is willing to submit the committee to himself, reduce the amount of smoking, or even quit smoking, then this man has been transformed by a woman to be quite effective and can definitely be used as a model for publicity.

  2, the habit of rest and rest men’s work and rest system is often more chaotic, not as accurate as women when walking.

They were crazy all night long.

Playing games or playing mahjong is overwhelming, everything will be left behind.

As a result, women will come to supervise, and the phone or text message to check the house every day will definitely be indispensable.

As time goes on, men get a little conditioned.

For example, at 10 o’clock in the evening, if there is a phone call or text message, it must be a girlfriend who comes to check the news.

In fact, women are born “directors”.

Day after day, the morning and evening habit of asking for reports lately gradually put men on the track of regular life.

  3, the concept of tolerance women in love are mostly willful, what you want is what you want.

Part of the man was a bit like a slave.

That’s why the statement “man after marriage, slave turns over to be general”.

No way, when in love, a man always pets a woman and works according to her mind.

For example, on a dating program, she once said that she wanted to watch a movie, once that she wanted to eat barbecue, and then she said that she wanted to make a bar.

For women, plans don’t change as quickly.

If men reprimand women for fickleness, women will respond that it is a manifestation of life’s interest.

At this time, if men do not have the concept of being tolerant, war will inevitably continue.

Of course, men with a serious masculinity complex often have the toughness of “only truth.”

Then, one goes east and one goes west, and they don’t buy each other. As a result, they can only go south and far away.

At this time, men’s tolerance of women may be able to relax.

Otherwise, there will be fission of breaking up.

  Therefore, love comes and goes, it is easy to fall in love, but difficult to get along.

Listen to how men explain their love and change.  Fall in love with a man like a polar bear1. What do you think is the difference between men before and after they fall in love?

For example, what animal is it like?

  If you are not in love, if you have a direction, then chasing a girl passionately, that state is a bit like a horse.

Because if a man considers a woman, he is absolutely tough, and the spirit of perseverance sometimes makes a woman particularly moved.

Once in love, men sometimes feel like polar bears.

Strong, persevering, and even majestic.

  2. When you first fell in love, in what ways did you feel that you had made great efforts to change?

  It may be a work relationship. I usually smoke a lot. I basically consume one and a half packs of cigarettes a day.

Later I heard her repeatedly advise.

Feel really bad for the body.

So take control slowly.

At least, I smoke half a pack of cigarettes a day.

I think whether it is for love or for her, I should treat myself kindly. During the time of love, I basically consciously conduct a cleaning every week. 3, what caused your subsequent fission?

  After she graduated from college, I was looking for a job, and I arranged it all by myself. Maybe I arranged too much.

So much so that she lost her initiative and invaded her too much space.

Made her gradually feel free.

Later, when I found out that she had another “condition”, I realized that the trend had gone, and everyone could only stop there.

  Abandon a period of chicken-chick feelings 1. Have you changed a lot before and after your love?

  When I was a bachelor, I often attended friend gatherings.
Bar activities and programs are rich and exciting every day.

Then fell in love and the nightlife gradually disappeared.

For example, around 10pm, I must be waiting for her phone call at home.

She has a bad temper, and I will buy a small gift to cheer her up.

  2. Why are we separated?

  It may be that his temper is sometimes too impatient and easy to get angry.

Despite my efforts to control, it still seems difficult to change.

  Maybe everyone is young and there is no need to be so tightly bound.

Later, I started the company myself, and I was busy, thinking about the chicken rib feelings of no productivity productivity, so I took the initiative and broke the communication.

  Change yourself, pay attention to love once, when you are single, what animal do you think a man would love again?

After you fall in love, what animal should a man feel like?

  When I’m single, I think a man in love is like a cat. For a woman, he is obedient.

Because love is often immersed in sweetness.

  At that time, I met a beautiful girl dancing Latin dance, and the feeling of falling in love at first sight made me recklessly draw in.

After falling in love for 2 months, I slowly woke up. I think a man should be like an eagle, flying high to see far.

  2. What changed for love?

  When in love, I go shopping with her two or three times a week, and each time is basically more than two hours.

In life.

I am very comfortable with her.

We were living together at that time, and I was fully contracted for household chores such as shopping and cooking.

I can’t bear to let her do these things.
Of course she is so young, and her ideas are inevitable.
I can understand all this.

Because I like her youth and cuteness very much.

At that time, even in the face of all kinds of obstructions and oppositions from her parents, I still took my heart to her.

Later, under the strong intervention of her parents, she suddenly evaporated and replaced her cell phone.

I can’t find her again.

A love dream suddenly disappeared after half a year.

  Running Man 1. What kind of animals do you think men look like before and after being in love?

  When a man is single, if he really wants to fall in love, he will hunt around like a hunting dog, searching for prey.

Once locked in, he looks like a pug, and shakes his head and tails to look funny.

Once broken, like a stray dog without direction.

  2. What are you doing when you are in love?

After dating, I found that dating between two people consumes a lot of time.

She lives to the east of Shanghai, and I live to the west.

For the convenience of dating, we settled at Xujiahui, which is the midpoint of our distance.

I make two appointments three times a week, and I will naturally pay for all the extras, more than 100 yuan at a time.

After regular shows like eating, you can go shopping or watch a movie.

So, before the end of the month, I “moonlight” ahead of time.

  3. In the process of love, what has deeply touched your nerves?

  I remember shopping when she had a stomachache. I was riding a bicycle and it started to rain again.

At that time, I was really anxious. At that time, how much I hoped that there was a house and a car, so that I could take better care of her and give her a more secure life.
I always feel that a man’s sense of responsibility is so important to love and marriage.

Psychological analysis of the tragedy in the streets of Tokyo

Psychological analysis of the tragedy in the streets of Tokyo

Psychology believes that pessimism is an uneasy mood caused by self-perceived disorders, which is manifested as psychological self-blame, lack of security and negative thinking mode of expectation, always thinking about the future.

Generally speaking, people who are pessimistic are good people who are indisputable in the world, that is, they are kind-hearted, clean themselves, and are accustomed to tolerating, shrinking, and restless in handling affairs.

However, some pessimists often use abnormal methods to protect themselves, that is, their children are beaten by others, and he also beats his own children, because the children give themselves trouble.

Pessimism itself is introspective and belongs to the psychic form, but it can directly affect organs and organs, manifested as mania, depression, rapid heartbeat, asthma or nervous breakdown, and expression of dismay.

  However, extremely pessimistic people who are too pessimistic will exaggerate the frustrations in their lives and produce an overly pessimistic attitude, which leads to strong suicidal thoughts and even suicide.

Because extremely pessimists are affected by social unfavorable factors, their thinking conflicts with the laws and morals of society, and gradually develops and changes to form unfavorable psychological factors that have pathological views and views on the meaning of their lives, which is indeed a serious altruistic potential.

They use pessimistic thinking to reflect complex social realities. It is difficult to fully distinguish and distinguish between right and wrong in society, and sometimes they even become and reverse the concepts of right and wrong.

They lack the ability to foresee and prevent the consequences of their actions. When the situation develops unexpectedly or is difficult to grasp, it is difficult to come up with proactive measures to kill themselves.

  Some extremely pessimistic and pessimistic people are extremely irritable, depressed and distressed, their psychological feelings are severely alienated, and they are even dissatisfied with society, thus generating criminal motives. When encountering appropriate external stimuli, long-term accumulation of pessimistic emotions will have explosive impulsesAnd revenge on the society, serious violations of others, leading to murder or other vicious harm.

Some have impulsive killings without a clear motive.

There are also killings in mental states such as delirium, hallucinations and delusions.

The purpose of committing this type of homicide is to change the law to punish them, so as to achieve the purpose of suicide.

Therefore, in this case, they usually have no revenge or even acquaintance with the victim, thus forming indirect suicide, which is called “curve suicide”.

  In general, extreme pessimism is enough to plunge into a psychological crisis and cause great harm to society.

Therefore, we should carry out extensive education from medicine, psychology, anthropology, sociology, philosophy, law and other aspects to promote the health of individuals, groups, and socio-psychology, and find out early, treat those who are pessimistic and misplaced, and resettle various placesContradictions and conflicts help relieve physical pain and prevent tragedies.

Word dictation: Will you be single recently?

Word dictation: Will you be single recently?

Choose one of the four words: pity, fragrant, pity, and jade.


Pity 2.

Incense 3.

Pity 4.

Jade 1.

Choose “Pity”: Near neighbors, pleased with each other. It is easier to find a good neighbor. The left side of “Pity” is the heart, which means that the mind is on the neighbor. The practical method is to findFor a colleague or friend, or ask a friend to help introduce, it is easier to form a good bond with the people next to you.


The person who chooses “Xiang”: hard working all day, working for profit, means that every day work leads to missed marriage, you must wait slowly, if your career is successful, fate will come naturally, and you can’t wait.


The person who chooses “sorry”: the former lover, and then continue the front, and the fate between the old lover is actually not broken. If you want to end your single life, it is a good choice to look back at your previous male and female friends.


Those who choose “Jade”: take the initiative to dedicate themselves, and secretly give birth to a bead, indicating that they must take the initiative to show their favor to those they admire, show their attitudes, don’t love their faces, and let the other party know what they want to succeed.

Crab Congee

Crab Congee

Process: Raw crab stew porridge Ingredients: Main ingredients: 150 grams of crab, 50 grams of existing rice Ingredients: 3 grams of ginger Seasoning: 3 grams of vinegar, 3 grams of soy sauce Crab congee Method: 1.

Remove crab meat and crab yellow.


Put the cleaned rice into a pot, add 500 ml of water, boil over high heat, and then cook over low heat;

Add crab meat and crab yellow, add appropriate amount of ginger, vinegar and soy sauce, and cook just a little.

  Health Tips This porridge has the effect of nourishing qi and blood, and elongating bones.

Suitable for fractures.

  Food: Crabs: Crabs should not be eaten with sweet potatoes, pumpkin, honey, oranges, pears, pomegranates, tomatoes, cantaloupe, peanuts, snails, celery, persimmons, rabbit meat, nepeta; eating crabs inedible cold drinks can cause diarrhea.

  Previous m: Don?

Meng Yue: “Always don’t eat meat with horses and develop tumors.

Do not eat with cocklebur, it is heartbreaking.


Wang Guying: “Although the fried rice is fragrant, the dryness of the body helps the fire, and those who are not moderately cold will avoid it.

Chinese medicine clearing heat and detoxifying vs western medicine anti-inflammatory

Chinese medicine clearing heat and detoxifying vs western medicine anti-inflammatory

Traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine are formed under different historical conditions, and there are two major medical systems with huge differences.

Although the research object is the same, because the traditional Chinese medicine has accumulated thousands of years of experience in the struggle of ancestors and diseases before the emergence of modern science and technology, it was formed by absorbing the simple scientific thoughts of the time and tested by long timeAlthough science can effectively relieve human suffering, it cannot be connected with today’s natural science and is therefore framed as unscientific by some people.

Western medicine is a scientific system based on human anatomy and experimental science.

  In the field of medicine and health in today’s countries, there are Chinese and Western medicines coexisting. They each play an irreplaceable role in national medicine with their own advantages.

In this way, there has been a collision between the two medical theories and techniques, which has led to people’s concept change or confusion in understanding the disease, and even a joke.

For example, the diagnosis of stagnation of liver qi and qi stagnation in traditional Chinese medicine often makes patients think that the liver is diseased, and they perform liver function tests. When the test results are normal, they often make patients think that the diagnosis of traditional Chinese medicine is wrong.Qi stagnation and liver disease in western medicine are two completely different concepts.

Such examples abound in reality, and the list is endless, and the above-mentioned heat-clearing, detoxifying, and anti-inflammatory problems exist.

To correctly understand these two issues, we must start with the theoretical characteristics of the two medicines.

  As the Chinese and Western Medicine Associations make different diagnoses for the same disease, the problem of the concept certification of Chinese and Western medicine naturally arises.

And because the heat-toxicity syndrome of traditional Chinese medicine is often similar to the sterilization of western medicine, it shows redness, swelling, heat and pain. The western medicine’s anti-inflammatory and traditional Chinese medicine’s heat-clearing and detoxifying can all treat this disease, and modern pharmacological research proves that the heat-reducing and detoxifying drugs have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effectsTherefore, it makes people mistakenly think that clearing heat and detoxifying is equivalent to diminishing inflammation, followed by clinical messy medication.

  Pharmaceutical manufacturers have produced a lot of “anti-inflammatory drugs” such as Niuhuang anti-inflammatory tablets, Fuyankang, etc., which are mainly antipyretic and detoxifying drugs. Therefore, the concepts are interchangeable. If there is a TV ad saying “Chinese medicine andrographis tablets, it is very anti-inflammatory”I think the level of the ad word is really bad, the pharmacological concept is wrong and the grammar is incomprehensible. The adjective “ruthless” seems to be an unmodifiable verb “anti-inflammatory”.

This seems to be a long way off. In short, this phenomenon is seriously worrying.

The clinical manifestations of antipyretics and anti-inflammatory drugs are very common in clinical practice, or they are characterized by anti-viral drugs such as nasal congestion and runny nose, and some doctors believe that they are infected by viruses and use Chinese medicine Qingkailing as an anti-virus.

The effect of such medication is really worrying!

This is the case for doctors with at least some professional knowledge, and the situation of self-administration of the general public can be known.

  The top relevant personnel carefully study the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, and then use the traditional Chinese medicine to diagnose traditional Chinese medicine is really a sin.

I once again put forward my opinion: fever poison is mostly inflammation and sterilization may not be fever poison!

Many chronic arthritis belong to Deficiency.

In accordance with the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, when the temperature is supplemented with “cold heat”, if you use heat clearing and detoxifying drugs at this time, it will result in a “virtual reality ring”.

Heart-friendly delicious diet plan

Heart-friendly delicious diet plan

Heart disease has always attracted the attention of domestic scholars. The latest publication of Canadian “Readers’ Digest” provides readers with reference to a diet plan for heart health. As long as the following principles are followed, the risk of cardiovascular disease can be greatly reduced.

  Protein foods provide multiple protections. Proteins are classified with other food types and have a variety of protective effects against heart attacks.

For example, the omega 3 fatty acids contained in fish meat can keep the heart’s beating rhythm and prevent blood from clotting.

Beans (such as chickpeas, black beans, kidney beans, green beans, kidney beans) are proteins that are directly replaced. They are also an excellent source of soluble fiber in nature. Soluble fibers can clear the body and maintain a stable blood sugar level.

  Tips: Fish, chicken, pork, two or three servings per day is enough. One serving is about 50?
100 grams; 6 tablespoons of beans as a staple food, or 3 tablespoons of complementary food; 2 eggs.

Choose a good aunt, don’t have low stool, try not to eat flour, snacks containing trans fatty acids, substitute olive oil, rapeseed oil.

They all contain monovalent unsaturated fatty acids, which can lower the level of low density lipoprotein, increase the level of high density lipoprotein, and lower the level of triglycerides.

  Tips: Eat 1?
3 servings of olive oil, rapeseed oil, or nuts (30 g) is sufficient. 1 serving of oil is 1?
2 tablespoons.

Fruit and Vegetable Cholesterol Reduction Scientists predict that humans have eaten a large number of antioxidants, cholesterol-lowering phytosterones and soluble fiber in the course of evolution. Preventing heart disease through these foods is an enduring sign.

  Tips: Eat 3?
4 servings of fruit, 4?
5 servings of vegetables.

Whole grains eat whole grains every day to reduce the risk of heart disease. You can use various vitamins and phytochemicals to protect the heart.

Some whole-grain cereals, some barley or oats, also contain soluble fiber that lowers cholesterol.

  Tips: You can choose to eat bread, macaroni, noodles, barley, bulgur, flour rice and oats made of whole grains, and eat them daily.

Dairy products are good for bones and heart. Drink milk at breakfast, drink yogurt as an extra meal in the afternoon, and eat low-fat cheese for dinner, which can help the body absorb more calcium, which is good for bone health and heart health.benefit.

  Tips: Although calcium has certain benefits for heart health, don’t overdo it. Eat 2?
3 servings of skimmed or low-fat dairy products will suffice.

One serving contains about 1 cup of milk, or 175 grams of low-fat yogurt.