TCM sleep regimen


TCM sleep regimen

Sleep is an important means to balance the yin and yang of the human body, it is the best energy saving, it is also the best reserve and recharge, it is the best way to restore fatigue and get out of sub-health.

  The mechanism of TCM sleep is: Yin Qi Sheng is stunned (sleep), Yang Qi Sheng is stunned (wake up).

So you should go to bed at night (21-23), and enter the best sleep state at night.

Because according to the Sleep Theory of the Yellow Emperor’s Canon, the middle of the night is the yin and yang meeting, and when the water and fire are at hand, it is called “heyin”. When the yin is the heaviest in the day, the yin master is quiet.

  There are four magic weapons to improve sleep quality.

The first is to promote napping.

“Zi, noon” is the time when the body’s energy is “heyin” and “heyang”, which is good for nourishing yin and nourishing yang.

It is best to fall asleep before 11pm.

Because rest at this time, you can nourish the yin most, sleep best, and can do more with less.

It is only necessary to take a 30-minute break at noon (11-13 o’clock), because at this time it is “heyang” time and the yang is strong, so the work efficiency is best.

  Also, slow down your breathing before going to bed.

Before going to bed, you can sit quietly, take a walk, watch slow-paced TV, listen to slow music, etc., to make your body gradually quiet, and then you will be overcast and overcast, and it is best to lie in bed for a few minutes to do qigong.Inner spirit.

  Before going to bed, you can eat something that supports the heart and yin, such as rock sugar lily lotus root tincture, millet red date porridge, lotus root powder or longan meat water . Because the heart is still working hard after sleeping, among the five internal organs, the heart is the hardest, so it is appropriateTonifying the heart and yin will be good for health.

  Patients with insomnia do not forget to soak their feet with warm water before going to bed, which can promote heart-kidney intersection.

The intersection of heart and kidney means that water and fire are in harmony, and it can promote the combination of yin and yang. The combination of yin and yang, sleep, of course, reaches the best state.

Yili infant formula (gold)

Yili infant formula (gold)

Product name: Yili infant formula (gold) Specification: 900g Applicable stage: 1-3 years old Children’s packaging: tinting Market price: RMB135.

00 Shelf life: 24 months?

Vitamin A, Vitamin C: natural antibiotics, calcium, iron, zinc: promote the growth and development of young children;

β-carotene: enhances the ability to adapt to the external environment and is an important source of vitamin A;

Tauric acid: an important component in the brain and retinal tissues of infants and young children.

  Product brand: Yili Product introduction: 1, DHA, ARA and choline-It is good for baby’s brain and retina development, and it can enhance baby’s memory.

  2. Active bi-manifold probiotics and composite prebiotics-Active probiotics interact with prebiotics to double the absorption of nutrients while continuing the protection of breast milk and improving the baby’s resistance.

  3, β-carotene-is an important source of vitamin A, can help babies to strengthen their immune and disease resistance, and at the same time is conducive to infants and young children visual development.

  4. Lactoferrin (addition to canned products)-an important ingredient in breast milk, which is beneficial to improve the body’s immunity, can help babies resist antigens and other microorganisms, and reduce common diseases such as diarrhea caused by viruses.

  5, calcium and iron-help the baby’s need for calcium during teething, and prevent iron deficiency anemia.

  6, vitamin calcium, iron and vitamins A, B1, C, D3 and other nutrients-to meet the nutritional needs of the baby’s rapid development.

Eating a handful of walnuts before bed can help you sleep well

Eating a handful of walnuts before bed can help you sleep well

Do you often have the trouble of going to and fro during the night?

A recent study in the United States states that eating a handful of walnuts can help you sleep well.

  Insomnia has become one of the most serious health challenges in today’s society.

A new study from the College of Health Sciences Center at Texas State University shows that walnuts contain a fair amount of melatonin, which can help you fall asleep.

Melatonin is a hormone that regulates the body’s sleep rhythm.

During the day, the human brain secretes a small amount of this substance, and at night it secretes more.

Increased melatonin at night is an important guarantee for good sleep.

Through age, many people’s ability to secrete melatonin at night is weakened, which often severely disrupts normal sleep patterns.

  It should be noted that walnuts contain trace impurities. If you eat too much before bedtime, it will affect sleep.

It’s best to eat only a handful of walnuts, or drink a bowl of paste made with walnut powder and black sesame powder.

Special eggs have limited functionality

Special eggs have limited functionality

High iodine and high calcium do not need red skin and white skin. Almost recently, there have been many versatile “special eggs” on the market, such as “low cholesterol eggs”, “high iodine eggs”, “high calcium eggs”, and “high zinc eggs.””” And so on, consumers are dazzled and do not know what to choose.

With so many types of eggs, is there any difference in nutrition?

The more popular the color of the egg yolk is, the more nutritious it is, and the firewood egg is better than ordinary eggs. Is there any truth?

  Can lower cholesterol and calcium is not effective. Many people know that eggs are extremely nutritious, but the yolk contains cholesterol, which makes elderly people with cardiovascular disease feel nervous.

If you really have “low cholesterol eggs”, don’t worry.

  This sounds a little weird, but it can be done.

Because the ingredients in eggs are affected by feed, by improving the formula of the feed, you can effectively increase the mineral content of the yolk, or reduce the cholesterol in it.

For example, increasing selenium in the feed can produce selenium-rich eggs, which is beneficial to the elderly in preventing cardiovascular disease; increasing zinc can help prevent zinc deficiency in children and the elderly, which is good for improving immunity and improving vision.

Therefore, both “low-cholesterol eggs” and “high-zinc eggs” are likely to be healthy foods.

  However, “high iodine eggs” and “high calcium eggs” do not make much sense in the diet.

Because these iodized salt has been fortified enough to meet the needs of the human body, supplementing iodine by eating eggs will not have a significant effect.

The best estimated sources of calcium are milk and tofu, not eggs.

Even if you eat 2 eggs a day, the calcium content is only about 60 millimeters, and the human body should take 800 milligrams of calcium every day. These amounts are very small.

  Chai egg nutrition is not high Many consumers believe that Chai egg tastes fragrant and has higher nutritional value.

Indeed, free-range Chai chicken can eat natural foods such as grass and bugs, so the eggs taste better.

However, when it comes to nutrition, ordinary eggs in chicken farms are more abundant.

  Experiments show that the feces and plasma content of Chai eggs are slightly higher than ordinary eggs, especially the contents of phospholipids and omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids are higher than ordinary eggs.

However, the content of iron, calcium, magnesium, selenium and other mineral elements in the yolk of ordinary eggs is higher than that of firewood eggs.

Absolutely, the feed of many chicken farms uses scientific formula, adding some linseed oil and fish meal, etc., can also significantly increase the content of omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids in ordinary eggs.

Therefore, in comparison, the nutrition of Chai eggs is not as high as that of ordinary eggs.

  Brown eggs are more resistant to storage. Some people care about the color of eggs when they pick them.

For example, the idea that dark-colored yolks are more nutritious than light-colored eggs, or that brown eggs are better than white eggs, does not make much scientific sense.

  The color of the egg yolk is mainly due to its vitamin content.

Free-range chickens eat green spider mites, which results in an increase in the content of vitamin B2 and carotenoids in egg yolks, which appear darker.

Although the egg yolks of ordinary eggs are light in color, most chicken farms now add vitamin A to their feeds, so the percentage of vitamins in the egg yolks is slightly higher than that of the eggs.

The brown and white eggs have roughly the same nutritional value.

The former trace content is slightly higher, and the residual protein and vitamin A content are slightly higher.

In a sense, the only advantage of red-skinned eggs is that the shell is thicker and more resistant to storage.

  Since the nutrition is similar, why are the prices of branded eggs and firewood eggs on the market higher now?

This is related to all of these grain productions. There is absolutely no need for consumers to worry about selecting eggs, and no need to buy expensive ones. Ordinary eggs can fully guarantee the usual nutritional requirements.

Practice 3 yoga exercises in a traffic jam

Practice 3 yoga exercises in a traffic jam

Absolutely, private cars are gradually spreading, and the health problems of motorists are also prominent.

Long-term sitting posture and skeletal movement can lead to cervical spine disease, lumbar disc herniation, lumbar muscle strain, knee injury, poor gastrointestinal symptoms, mental stress and other various “cheyou diseases”.

Drivers’ attention to health care is imminent.

  In order to prevent “cheating people’s disease”, in addition to taking correct driving posture and paying attention to diet and living, the most important thing is to strengthen exercise.

Cars are often used for walking, and the joints of the neck, waist, and legs are reduced, and the cardiopulmonary is not exercised, and the body resistance will be reduced.

Therefore, the driving fitness of motorists should mainly improve the cardiopulmonary function, increase the strength of the legs and waist, and improve and maintain the normal physiological function of the spine.

  Drivers exercise at least 3 times a week for 30-60 minutes each time. Suitable sports include running, mountain climbing, swimming, rope skipping, various ball games, fitness equipment exercises, etc. Women can also choose yoga, Pilates,Aerobic exercises and other fitness methods.

When exercising, you can choose the appropriate exercise intensity and frequency according to your own situation. Exercise should be done step by step.

  Car household penetration is getting higher and higher, and traffic jams are inevitable.

The car is blocked on the road, which leads to irritability and cannot be overcome, it is better to use this gap to practice “in-car aerobics”: 1.

Spread shoulders: With your right hand relaxed and stretched to your chest, hold your right elbow with your left hand and gently pull it to the left for 5-10 seconds, changing to the other side.

You can also stand straight, lift your tibia behind your head, then hug your elbow with your hands, look down, and breathe deeply 5 times before returning to your original position.


Spread your back: Sit a little forward and let your body lean back as far as possible from your waist.

You can also stretch back, grab the back of the seat with both hands, lift your chest forward as much as possible, and tilt your face upward at a 45-degree angle, which can strengthen the strength of the back muscles.


Turn waist: Sit up straight, step on the sink, put your right hand on the steering wheel, put your left hand back on the backrest, use your belt to turn your body to the left, and then repeat the action by changing directions.

At the same time, you can also use the gap between the red lights to move the cervical spine, relax your arms, and let your body take a short rest.

  It must be reminded that continuous driving of the car should be avoided as much as possible. After driving for two hours, you must come down to rest and exercise to reduce the body load and avoid excessive fatigue.

Depression becomes epidemic for women

Depression becomes “epidemic” for women

Some people say that depression is now an epidemic.
The survey revealed that new members were added to these people: seemingly energetic young women and stress-free housewives.
Most women believe that the best way to deal with depression is to shop, eat, and even sing karaoke.
Bring maximum spiritual comfort by venting outwards and supplying inwards.
However, does this method really work?
  Young women join the army of depression. Young women and housewives look youthful, carefree, and seem to be the least depressed people in their eyes.
However, the actual situation is that young women have just entered the society, their incomes are low, but their expectations are high. They weave their dreams, but the gap between reality and ideal can easily lead to psychological frustration.
Secondly, work pressure is high.
Competition is fierce nowadays. Women are harder than men in the process of job search and employment. Therefore, they need to work harder at work. In the change of the physiological cycle, they also have negative depression.
  When it comes to housewives, they are not as light as ordinary people think.
Busy chores, narrow social circles, and gaps in thoughts when communicating with her husband can easily cause some people to have depression.
  Shopping and overeating are negative escapes. Some people say that when women are depressed, they like to go shopping crazy.
When Miss Chang is emotionally frustrated, she likes to pull her friends to buy things, spend a lot of money, and take things back in big bags, it seems very fulfilling.
But afterwards, Ms. Chang always complained, “Expensive shoes and perfumes are more and more disliked now, why are they so impulsive at that time!
“Not only did shopping make me shy, but the things I bought back were finally given away, which is really a waste.
Miss Tian is not the same as Miss Chang. She doesn’t buy anything, but she can eat especially when she is in a bad mood. The amount of meal is two or three times as usual. Strangers are often taken aback when they see it.
As a consequence of this venting depression, health conditions are greatly affected.
  Shopping sprees and overeating are just a negative way to escape and cannot solve the problem from the root.
Depression is divided into psychological depression and physical depression.
Patients with physical depression should go to the hospital for treatment in time.
For psychological depression, the root cause of depression must be found, such as excessive stress, emotional frustration, and severe blows.
Inappropriate depression relief can actually worsen symptoms.
Young women have low incomes, and if they are unemployed, they will have a greater pressure on their lives. They are hungry for a happy emotional life and a comfortable family atmosphere.
Their psychological loneliness cannot be resolved momentarily.
  Women are most afraid of loneliness. Director Song Yumei of Beijing Yangguang Huaren Psychological Counseling Office said that the symptoms of depression are mainly due to fear, and these people are more likely to pay attention to themselves first.
Some young women are easy to compare, are sensitive and introverted, feel inferior to others, and are unwilling to communicate with fewer friends.
Once the work is unsatisfactory, the relationship is not good, and there is no way to better vent, and problems are easy to occur.
  Some housewives do have depression, monotonous chores, lack of sense of accomplishment, and slowly become introverted and unwilling to communicate.
Some intellectual women have to return to the family for the sake of their husbands and children. Over time, they are depressed and unable to extricate themselves.
  Finally, Director Song said that when female friends are in a depression state, they can get the understanding and guidance of their family members in time, and they can recover soon.Contact with friends and actively face life, such as participating in activities such as mountain climbing, playing cards, singing or outings. Don’t stay alone and don’t think about it.

Teach you to choose cold and warm food

Teach you to choose cold and warm food

In cold weather, in addition to properly adding clothing, people also need to choose some foods that contain multiple higher foods, which will also help to strengthen their physique and resist cold.

Foods with these functions are: high-protein mutton, low-cholesterol food, sweet, warm, calcium carbonate, regular food in winter, tonifying qi, appetizing and strengthening, lungs and qi, expectorant and asthma, kidney and strong yang,It is especially suitable for patients with tuberculosis, anemia, postpartum qi and blood deficiency, and deficiency syndrome.

  Mutton high-protein, low-cholesterol food, its sweet, warm, trace, regular winter invigorating Qi, tonifying qi, strengthening lungs and helping qi, expectorant and asthma, strengthening kidney and yang, especially suitable for tuberculosis, anemia, postpartum gasConsumption for patients with both deficiency of blood and deficiency of cold.
  Goat’s milk is sweet, warm, and moisturizing, and is rich in nutrients. Goat’s milk is rich in protein, trace, calcium, phosphorus and other minerals.

And the aunt in the goat’s milk is small and easily absorbed by the body.

Drinking goat’s milk for children is more conducive to bone growth and development.

According to related information, goat milk is also a natural antibiotic, often accompanied by it can increase the body’s resistance.

  Dog meat is warm and sweet, can calm the five internal organs, warm the waist and knees, strengthen the kidneys, spleen and stomach, and produce high yields. It has good warmth and cold protection effects on low back pain, cold feet, and weak body. If you have dry mouth or thirst after eating, you canServe rice soup.

People with yin deficiency and internal heat, sputum, and fire should not eat more.

  The beef has a sweet taste, has the effect of nourishing the stomach and spleen, nourishing qi and blood, nourishing the kidney and aphrodisiac, and strengthening the bones and bones. It is especially suitable for weak spleen and stomach, diarrhea and diarrhea, and those who are frigid and chills have better winter food.

  Rabbit meat has a sweet flavour, is cool, can replenish qi, cool blood and detoxify.

It is a high-protein, low-faecal food, and has lower plasma levels than all meat.

Suitable for high blood pressure, hypertension and other patients, it is also an ideal food for middle-aged and elderly people in winter.

Eating onions can prevent rich disease

Eating onions can prevent “rich disease”

Onion is the protagonist of European and American dining table, known as “Queen of dishes”.
A famous French chef once said that without onions, cooking techniques disappeared.
There is an onion festival in Switzerland, worshipping onions, praying for happiness, and using onions as the embodiment of gods.
But onions are not a “darling” in China. They cut into tears and people inevitably whisper.
  In fact, the nutritional value of onions is rich. The medicine of the motherland believes that the onion is warm and spicy, which can be used to dissolve the table and spread the cold.
Can be used for exogenous wind and cold, body pain without sweating, fullness of food.
  It is recommended that the solution of cold-dispelling formula should be used for headache, nasal congestion, weight, aversion to cold, fever, and no sweat caused by exogenous wind cold.
500 ml of Coca-Cola, add 100 grams of shredded onion, 50 grams of ginger shredded, a small amount of brown sugar, boil over low heat for about 5 minutes, and drink hot.
  In addition, in recent years, it has been found that onions are very useful in preventing the so-called “rich disease”. Onions contain xanthobutyric acid, which enables cells to make better use of sugar and thus lower blood sugar.
Onions also contain prostaglandins, which can dilate blood vessels, reduce peripheral vascular resistance, promote the excretion of sodium, and lower the elevated blood pressure.
  Onion also contains diallyl sulfide, which can prevent blood vessel sclerosis and reduce blood lipids.
Can also be detected in onions containing quercetin-like substances, the glycosides formed under the induction of flavonoids have a diuretic and swelling effect. These are beneficial for the prevention of obesity, hyperlipidemia, arteriosclerosis and the dryness of onions.The wet detoxification function is consistent.
  It is recommended that the dampness and detoxification formula be used for bulimia, spleen and thick taste, spleen deficiency and dampness, hyperlipidemia, lower extremity edema, sputum and chest tightness.
Sorghum rice and raw indica rice are each 100 grams. Slowly cook the porridge after soaking in cold water for 4 hours. When the rice is rotten, cut 100 grams of pumpkin and diced onion into the porridge and cook until cooked, sweet and salty.
  However, it should be noted that onions are warm, and those who have a hot stomach should not eat more. Eating too much will cause flatulence.

Practicing yoga for pregnant women to relax pregnancy

Practicing yoga for pregnant women to relax pregnancy

Practicing yoga for pregnant women can improve the flexibility and flexibility of the entire muscle tissue, which can help reshape the body in seconds and postpartum.

But pregnant yoga is ordinary yoga. During pregnancy, expectant mothers have to choose yoga according to their pregnancy.

  In the first two months of pregnancy, general yoga moves can be tried carefully.

In late pregnancy, expectant mothers can only do some simple adjustments of breathing or lowering movements.

  During this period, expectant mothers should never try backward bending movements, abdominal movements, deep twisting movements and handstand movements.

  In the second and third trimester, expectant mothers can try the following actions.

  Sit with a pair of feet and sit cross-legged; spine straight up and abdomen; hands and palms down on both knees, shoulders, elbows relax; eliminate the thoughts in the brain, close your eyes and observe normal breathing.

  Action two place two yoga bricks horizontally on the floor and place a thick mat on top.

Sitting with your legs bent on the ground, your body leaned down slightly against the cushion. The palms of your hands were naturally placed on the sides of your body with your palms closed together.

  Action Three: Keep your body in action two, keep your legs extended and bent, and your toes should be straight, with your heels resting on the outside of your legs, and then feel the muscles and ligaments in your legs stretch.

  Move your four legs straight forward and relax. Open your feet at a natural comfortable angle. Spread them out on the ground in a large shape to maintain natural breathing.

Mystery of job search for fresh graduates

“Mystery” of job search for fresh graduates

It was not until the graduation ceremony that the mother’s illness gradually improved.
Ray tried to call Company D.
Was told that the recruitment process had ended and that all newly recruited employees had already arrived.
“Sorry, you have to wait for the next chance.
“But Ray couldn’t wait.
The family is poor, the sick mother needs a home, and the younger sister’s tuition fee has not yet been settled.
More importantly, it is Lei ‘s dream to enter the famous D company. When is this “next time”?
  Ray thought and thought, and started a series of actions.
  He first sent a cover letter to the Deputy General Manager of Human Resources of Company D. The letter stated that he maintained his and his sister’s college tuition by working, leaving a deep first impression on the Vice President.
A few days later, on the same day, the vice president received the resume from Lei in the same kraft envelope from all directors.
This naive but clever “tackling key problems” plan made the vice president have a little appreciation and curiosity for the young man, he asked Lei to come for an interview.
  Unfortunately, Ray failed the first pass of the interview.
  Lei did not give up, and visited the company three times before and after.
An enthusiastic employee was moved by his persistence. He gave Lei Yi a book about the development of the company and the industry written by the president, and quietly told Lei the e-mail address of the president.
  In the following days, Lei carefully read the CEO’s book and made detailed reading notes.
For a long time, Lei carried out a centralized “bombing” to the vice president of human resources. On the one hand, he reported his learning experience, and on the other hand, expressed his enthusiasm and firm determination to join the industry.As mentioned in the article, when everyone is desperate, we are still working hard, and this is the quality of investment bankers.
 Similarly, when everyone felt that I had no hope of joining the company, I still dared not have the slightest slackness—because I decided to enter D company and become an outstanding investment banker, I never thought of giving up!
In order to show his determination and sincerity, Lei offered to take the initiative in the last paragraph of the email, and he was willing to enter Company D’s apprenticeship on the condition of free trial, and asked the company to give him a chance.
  After more than two months of persistence and sincerity, the vice president was finally impressed by the young man.
She arranged for Lei to meet with the president.
As expected, Lei put on company D’s uniform and became the company’s first unpaid trial worker.
  With perseverance and hard work, Lei not only turned right in a few months, but also became a “little brother” in the project team that people are willing to pull and take him to progress together.
  Compared with other employees of Company D, Lei is obviously a newcomer with a lack of academic background and professional reserves.
To this end, Lei’s classmates and friends, while envying that he can find such an ideal job, often ask him about what “secret” he can enter into Company D.
After hearing this, Ray always smiled mischievously: “Yes!
Of course it does.
That is-when all people are desperate, I am still trying.